Reaching the Unreached.


"Growing up in India where fewer than 7% of the people are Christians, my heart was broken seeing the spiritual darkness that keeps my people from the truth. I saw the multitudes who have never heard the message of Jesus. India is closed to foreign missionaries, so we feel an even greater call to minister to these lost people through the native Indian pastors. Our prayer is that God will raise up Christians to stand with us in this work."

John Nanda (founder of SERVE India)

07 July 2015 ~ Comments Off

E-Pray July 2015

Dear e-pray friends,
First, thanks to all of you who were able to come to our SERVE India Appreciation Dinner! We felt very humbled and blessed, and so very grateful to have a chance to share with you our pictures and the great stories of what the Lord is doing … [read more]

03 June 2015 ~ Comments Off

E-Pray June 2015

Hello e-pray friends!

We are very excited to invite you to our SERVE India Appreciation Dinner!! :) We appreciate you all SO much! We will serve a delicious Indian meal (along with other food available, if you don’t prefer Indian food) and spend some time sharing updates, pictures & stories from … [read more]

05 May 2015 ~ Comments Off

E-Pray May 2015

Hello e-pray friends!

Please praise the Lord with us that the LAND IS SOLD!! Yay!!!! Thank you so much for your continued prayer for this for the past 2 ½ years! We are so thankful! :)

John had hoped to make more progress with the teacher training program but because the … [read more]

07 April 2015 ~ Comments Off

E-Pray April 2015

Hello e-pray friends!
Spring! & celebrating Resurrection Day!! New life!! What a blessing to belong to our Lord Who has given us all these!! :)
We are hopeful that John will be coming in the next few weeks… not sure yet… :) I haven’t had much of a chance to talk with … [read more]

04 March 2015 ~ Comments Off

E-Pray March 2015

Hello e-pray friends!

Thank you for continuing to pray for John in India. He has been busy, as usual! He has been hearing very encouraging reports from all of the places the team visited in Jan, all softening hearts to the Truth. We are so grateful! Please continue to pray … [read more]

05 February 2015 ~ Comments Off

E-Pray February 2015

Dear e-pray friends,
Thank you, thank you! for your prayer for our trip, we are so grateful that it went great and was full of blessings. The team was wonderful, we all stayed healthy and safe, which we never take for granted, and we were able to do just about … [read more]

02 January 2015 ~ Comments Off

E-Pray January 2015

Dear e-pray friends,

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas celebration with many special people! We are so thankful for the time we had with all of our boys home and time with family and friends. :)

We are getting ready for our trip to India, John leaves in a few … [read more]

02 December 2014 ~ Comments Off

E-Pray December 2014

Dear e-pray friends,

First, let us say THANK YOU so much!!! to all of you who have prayed and to you who have contributed financially to meet the needs of so many that were affected by the cyclone in October! We continue to feel SO thankful!! It was really a … [read more]

02 November 2014 ~ Comments Off

E-Pray November 2014

Dear concerned prayer partners in Christ,

I was trying to get this letter to you sooner but because of the lack of power it was delayed.

During the 2nd week of October 2014 a massive destruction has befallen on Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh state in south India.

Saturday, October … [read more]

02 October 2014 ~ Comments Off

E-Pray October 2014

Dear Epray Friends,

We were so grateful for the opportunity that Josh had to share of some of his experiences while on his trips to Thailand & India he did through his internship last year. One story was really amazing and he said that I could share it with you. … [read more]