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E-Pray July 2018 News

Hello dear friends!

John headed back to India this week… He needed to be there for a few months to help with some important work. We would really appreciate your prayer, as always! Here is a list of some of the most pressing …

1) There is much-needed construction on the training center. A few years ago there was damage done by the Tsunami so we temporarily supported the 2 roofs with metal rods. After years they have rusted and they could collapse. This is one of the main projects that needs to be worked on.

2) As part of the persecution in India right now, at the meeting place in one village some people are trying to encroach the nice building we built years ago. It sits at the entrance of this village of 10,000 people and they want to put their building there instead. John has the documentation that is needed to get filed in the correct office to secure the legal right for our building to remain there.

3) In another village, a new community was established and is growing but now others are trying to force them out. John’s presence is necessary to help in this matter with the connections he has so that the community will be left alone.

4) There are several meetings with leaders like this of other villages, where our workers are waiting for John and counting on his help.

5) This year our tax filing deadline is at the end of July so John is needed to work on those with our accountant, both for our personal and, more importantly, our ministry account. If this is not filed on time we have a great chance of losing our ability to receive funds for the work there. This is one of the ways the leadership of the county has halted many organizations’ much-needed work there.

6) There has been some confusion by the city where we own the rice field where we get much of the rice that we use to feed the leprosy community, widows, orphan children and other poor people. The farmer who leases the land built a cowshed on the land so the city started taxing it as residential by mistake (which is about 10 times higher than agricultural). John needs to meet with the officials and get this changed back to farmland tax. These taxes are due now so it is important that John can deal with this soon.

7) Our plan is to have a women’s conference in January in 3 different locations. John needs to be communicating about this with all of our workers and their communities. There are many details to decide and plans to be made about these conferences now so that the workers can be preparing.

8) There is some administrative work, concerning several different areas, that is pending in several different cities that is all waiting on John.

9) John has been postponing an important court case where someone paid with false checks. The judge has been asking for his witness and said the time is running out.

10) Our staff, who receive salaries, need direction and more step by step instructions for the next work that we need for them to do.

We need your help in all of this for even as hard as John works, it simply takes God’s hand to move things forward, so thank you, thank you, thank you, for your prayer! We are so grateful for you!!

His joy, Much love, The Nanda’s :)

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