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E-Pray May 2019

Hello friends!
I have been so happy to have John home for the past few weeks, but today I dropped him off at the airport again! He will only be gone for a short while this time and he will not be in India, but Africa! :) He is taking part in a training there that we hope to be able to do in India sometime in the next few years. Please pray for the team that is there doing the training and for all of those who are learning, for a safe and productive time. Thank you! :)

It is the end of the semester again, already!

Thank you for continuing to pray for all of the students coming and going from the AllNations House and especially for our End-of-the-Year Party, Graduation Celebration Open-House, and as they finish up with finals next week (& me, too! :| ).

We have really grown to love the students in this short time! Please pray for all of the students who have had a changed heart to continue to grow in their faith, especially as they head back to their home countries and families. Please also pray for their friends and family to hear the good news and also have beautifully changed hearts. Please also pray for all the students as they go home, some for the summer and some to stay, that the Truth that they heard this year will continue to speak and that the Lord will bring solid and deep friends to grow with.

Definitely, this is THE hardest time of year for us, because we love these students so much and then have to say ‘good-bye’. :/ But, we are SO grateful for the time we have had and for the relationships that have grown so dear. We continue to be amazed at our Lord’s work in hearts from all around the world! We know that this happens because of friends like you who are praying. Thank you so much! :)

There are a handful of students around for the summer so we will continue meeting with them and would really appreciate your continued prayer for them, too! If you would like to have more details for prayer or find out other ways that we need help with the AllNations House, then please send me a note. Thank you! :)

We are looking forward to seeing you at our SERVE India Appreciation Dinner, but we have not confirmed the date yet! Please stay tuned so you can plan to come and hear updates and wonderful stories, see pictures, and share a delicious Indian meal. We will let you know! :)

One more joy to share and prayer request… We are going to have our 4th grandbaby any day now! Jake & Meg are going to have their 3rd baby, a little girl! Please keep them in prayer, too! :) :)

We are so thankful for you!!!

Many blessings! Much love, His joy, The Nanda’s :)

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