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11 December 2010 ~ Comments Off

Update from the Nandas

Hi everyone,  :)

Just thought I would send you a quick update…

When John went to the shipping office last week, he found out the reason they asked him to come was to fill out an application for some part of the process that he had done before, but it had … [read more]

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01 December 2010 ~ Comments Off

E-pray: December 2010

Hello praying friends,

I am happy to be sending our e-pray out to you right now because I wanted to ask you to be especially praying for John right now and through the next few days.  The shipping office called and wanted him to go there and meet with them … [read more]

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11 November 2010 ~ Comments Off

E-pray: November 2010

Dear friends,

We are always so grateful for all of you!

I am happy to give you a few updates that I heard from John this week. He was finally able to go to the shipping office once it opened again after more than a week-long holiday.  The officer that … [read more]

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12 October 2010 ~ Comments Off

E-pray: October 2010

Hello e-pray friends!

We are so grateful for you all and your prayer and care for us and every time that I begin to write our e-pray I am overwhelmed with gratefulness thinking of you!  We feel so thankful and so blessed for so many dear ones in our lives. … [read more]

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05 September 2010 ~ Comments Off

E-pray: September 2010

Dear e-pray friends,

We have been so happy to have John home with us this summer!  He will still be here for another month.  Please pray that all that we want to have finished up before he goes will get done.  We have some opportunities for speaking and some … [read more]

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12 August 2010 ~ Comments Off

E-pray: August 2010

Dear Prayer Partners with SERVE India,

We have been having a good summer and enjoying time as a family.  I have also been preparing for my next trip to India, which will be in October.

The situation with the shipment remains the same.  The people in India who have been … [read more]

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14 July 2010 ~ Comments Off

E-pray: July 2010

Dear Prayer Partners,

I’m happy to be home again with my beloved family. My recent trip to India was the longest and most difficult trip I have taken, dealing with the release of the food shipment and with the death of my mother.  I am very thankful for the many … [read more]

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07 June 2010 ~ Comments Off

E-pray: June 2010

Hello everyone,

First, before we forget, we want to invite you to join us in celebrating David’s graduation!  The open house will be Saturday, June 19th, 3-6pm, at our house, and, yes, John will be home for it! :)

He is not home yet, though, so we … [read more]

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13 May 2010 ~ Comments Off

E-pray: May 2010

Dear praying friends,

The adventure continues!  John is still in India, but the good thing is that it is because the storage director has started meeting to make a decision about the storage fee.  It would be great if it could be completely taken care of before John leaves there.  … [read more]

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13 April 2010 ~ Comments Off

E-pray: April 2010

Hello All,

I was hoping to have the answer to what we have all been wondering… Did we get the food out of storage yet?
Well, I don’t have the whole answer, but part of the answer is that one of the directors of the storage facility did waive his … [read more]

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