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E-Pray: April 2012

Hello dear e-pray friends!

          It hardly seems possible that we have been to India and already back for nearly a week! Thank you all so much for praying for us! We had a very good trip and we know that without your prayer it wouldn’t have been the same! :)

          We are thankful that just practically speaking, we had no problems with luggage delays, or missed flights, or anyone really sick, which we do not take for granted! Any of those things can make things so difficult, so we are very thankful from the start for that. We had a nearly missed train, :), and one of our team did not feel well for about a day, and we did have to drive for a little ways without brakes in one car, but otherwise we are so grateful that with all of our travel, which was a lot this trip, it was very uneventful, yay! This let us be more fully engaged with those who we were visiting and we did so enjoy our time!!

          Oh, it is always such a challenge to write about the trip… there are so many things to share, where to start? We were blessed this time to be able to visit every area, north, south, east and west, where we are helping and loving people through SERVE India, so we were very busy. Just about every day we were in a different area with different people to spend time with, love and encourage.  In every place we also felt loved and encouraged!! What a great blessing to share with each other the amazing love and provision of our Great God!

          I always have many highlights!… spending time with the team and experiencing the Lord’s work in our lives as we experience His work there, seeing people that I haven’t seen for awhile and being able to rejoice with them in what the Lord has been doing in their lives and ministries, being greeted with many hugs and loves when we arrive at Jeeva Jalem (the leprosy community) and catching up with them, hugging and praying for the widows, brightening their lives just by taking time to be with them, playing with the children and giving them lots of smiles, hugs, and handshakes, serving little village communities by holding medical camps and providing the care they need, even if it is just a hug, prayer, and vitamins, getting to meet and love new families, especially those who have suffered so and are suffering for their faith and have such joy, wow… sitting in the presence of a room full of Indian Pastors, who are singing their hearts out, full of a deep joy and confidence of the mighty work of our God, in their own lives and in the lives of the communities they work hard for everyday to share THE Truth that brings hope, joy, life and salvation. I am so humbled every time I think of these dear people living with so little, in the midst of great difficulties, yet with SO much joy and confidence of our Father!

           I hope to share some specific stories from the team with you next month. Also, we will know when our India Dinner will be and that will be the best time to hear stories and see some pictures, too!  

          Thank you again for praying for us and please continue to pray as John finishes up many things before he comes home in a couple of weeks.  We are so thankful to have Josh back home with us now and would you please continue to pray as he looks for the Lord’s leading for the next steps of his life.

          We are always so grateful for you all!    

Many blessings, Love, The Nanda’s :)

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