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04 June 2018 ~ Comments Off

E-Pray June 2018 News

Hello dear friends!
Once a year we like to give you a prayer guide that you can use all year to pray for all those involved with SERVE India. We KNOW that prayer is what actually makes the most difference in all that we do and we depend on it… … [read more]

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08 May 2018 ~ Comments Off

E-Pray May 2018 News

Hello friends!
The first news we want to share with you is the amazing and wonderful praise that one of the students that has been coming to the AllNations House for this past semester has fully surrendered his heart to the Lord! We are rejoicing!!! /Thank You, Lord!!/

Does this … [read more]

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06 April 2018 ~ Comments Off

E-Pray APRIL 2018

Hello friends!
I am happy to say that John is home! :) We are keeping busy, catching up on all the details of what has been happening in our lives, what the Lord has been doing in the work in India and through the AllNations House. And, we are so thankful … [read more]

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07 March 2018 ~ Comments Off

E-Pray March 2018 News

Hello friends!
We are happy that in this e-pray we get to share thoughts from our team members about our recent time in India. We had a wonderful trip and just ask that you will continue to pray for all of those who we were able to love and serve, … [read more]

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03 February 2018 ~ Comments Off

E-Pray February 2018

Hello friends!
Thank you so much for all of your praying these past months! We had a very wonderful trip with our team! We returned a few weeks ago and finally have adjusted and feel a little more like ‘normal’ now! :)
John remained in India and will be there for … [read more]

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03 December 2017 ~ Comments Off

E-Pray December 2017

Dear friends,
The time to celebrate Christmas is here already again! We are looking forward to having a few days of all of our family together, including a new little granddaughter (yes, a little girl!) due to Jamie & David to be born any time now! Thanks for praying for … [read more]

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06 November 2017 ~ Comments Off

E-Pray November 2017

Greetings to You All in the Name of our Lord,
It has been about a month since I have been back in the U.S. It has been great to be home with my family and especially wonderful to celebrate together such a special event as Jake & Meg’s wedding a … [read more]

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06 October 2017 ~ Comments Off

E-Pray October 2017

Dear e-pray friends,
We have a quick update for you this month. :)
We are so thankful that John made it home last week after being delayed in the airport for two days due to being required to have a transit visa to travel through the airport in London… This was … [read more]

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03 September 2017 ~ Comments Off

E-Pray September 2017

Dear e-pray friends,
Hello! The start of this month has been SO busy I haven’t had a chance to send our e-pray until today! :)
John has been back in India for almost 2 weeks now, with the plan of returning at the end of the month because our son, Jake, … [read more]

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06 August 2017 ~ Comments Off

E-Pray August 2017

Hello Praying Friends!
It has been so nice to have John home these past weeks! We have been busy catching up in many ways, with our favorite (after spending time with our family, of course) being the time we have spent catching up with friends! We have also had many … [read more]

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