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E-Pray August 2017

Hello Praying Friends!
It has been so nice to have John home these past weeks! We have been busy catching up in many ways, with our favorite (after spending time with our family, of course) being the time we have spent catching up with friends! We have also had many meetings with leaders and sponsors of the work, which has also been really encouraging. We are so grateful for the dear ones the Lord has given us, for you!
There is not much new news, just a request to continue to pray for the teacher training school work to get done, somehow. The future managers of the school are hoping to be able to make some progress while John is in the U.S. Please pray for the managers to stay diligent in the work, and for the Lord’s favor for the right, helpful connections and action to take place. If the process does move forward then John will return to India for the required inspection. Although, in October, our son, Jake, is getting married to Meg (Yay!), and John will need to be at the wedding! :) So, please add to your prayer for the Lord’s perfect timing!! :)
We do have some prayer requests for the AllNations House… We are so thankful that the Lord has brought us so many wonderful international students! We have had many really meaningful times of fun, meetings and discussions. We are enjoying our summer with a smaller group of students who did not have the opportunity to go home during the summer break. We are also looking forward to the students returning (in less than a month!) and for all the new students arriving for the new school year! Please pray for all of the students, for opportunities for the students to feel welcomed, for new friendships to begin & established relationships to grow, & for the Lord’s truth & love for them to be made known to them.
One really exciting praise is that the director of the International Student Office on campus sent me a message asking if we could host an event for the New Student Orientation week at the ALLNations House … I said YES, SURE!! This means that ALL the new international students will be invited by the university to go to the AllNations House! Wow, Lord! So, please pray for our time with the new international students of making S’mores around the bonfire at the AllNations House on Friday, Sept. 1st.
We are so grateful for the way the Lord is working in so many ways! And, we are so grateful for your part with us in it all. We can only do what we do with your help so thank you so much!

We hope your summer is full to the end! Many blessings!

His joy, Love, The Nanda’s :)

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