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E-Pray December 2017

Dear friends,
The time to celebrate Christmas is here already again! We are looking forward to having a few days of all of our family together, including a new little granddaughter (yes, a little girl!) due to Jamie & David to be born any time now! Thanks for praying for all to go well! :)
Soon into the New Year John will head back to India and the team will soon follow. We have a good team going again and are excited! We will send out a prayer guide next month so you will have the chance to pray for more of the details. Please pray for our team and for all of the preparations and details to come together. There have been some changes in the way we are required to send our information ahead of time to government offices to be able to book hotel reservations as foreign visitors in some of the more rural cities. We want to be wise about this so that we do not draw any unnecessary attention to the workers in those areas. Please pray for us to have wisdom in this matter and for a provision of a place for the team to stay in those areas.
We are happy that for this trip we were able to book tickets with a humanitarian purpose so we are allowed to bring more luggage for free that we can fill with items to give! We already have a lot that we have accumulated over the year, but we are still in need of gently used mens long-sleeved, white, button-down shirts (size S & M are most needed, but we do have some size L fellas, too) :) Also, we would love to give each of our little widows gently used ladies button-down sweaters (definitely size S & M only) :) For the boys we need gently used match-box cars and for the girls any kind of gently used hair- accessories.
We will be collecting items only on Sundays, 8:30-12:30, at FCC in Hudson, or you can drop them off at our house any time, just leave them on our porch.
Also, there will be an opportunity at FCC-Hudson on Sunday (12/17) from 9-12 to stop by in Room 9/10 to make a card that we will give to the widows and workers’ families. This is a great way to give a personal encouragement to them that we love them and are praying for them. You could also send us something through the post office if you aren’t able to come that morning.
Thank you, everyone! :)
One more prayer request… please pray for the international students as the semester comes to a close and some of them will be finishing and returning home. Please pray for our Christmas celebration with them at the AllNations House (Fri.15th) that the message of HOPE, that we are reminded of each year, will be clearly understood and embraced by each one, that they will be deeply touched and that they will bring the message that transformed their life to share with their family and friends in their home countries. We really love these students and will really miss the ones who are leaving! :/ but are so grateful that we still have time with many more of them and some new students who will be arriving in January.
Thanks so much for your prayer for them!
We are constantly reminded of how much we rely on your partnership with us in this work. We are so grateful to the Lord for you! :)
We pray you have a wonderful, joyful celebration this Merry Christmas!!
Many blessings, Much love! The Nanda’s :)

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