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E-Pray September 2017

Dear e-pray friends,
Hello! The start of this month has been SO busy I haven’t had a chance to send our e-pray until today! :)
John has been back in India for almost 2 weeks now, with the plan of returning at the end of the month because our son, Jake, is getting married in October (Yay!).
I just talked with John last night and he feels like he is making progress on many fronts. But, he did ask us to please keep diligently praying for progress on the teacher training school certification. We know we have been asking for years, but, please don’t tire of praying for this, for whatever the Lord has in mind. We are trusting the Lord for His best plan for this school and maybe it is something different than we think… Please pray for wisdom & discernment for us to be led in His way, whatever that means. Thank you!
Another request that John wanted me to pass along to you is to please pray for the country of India and the leadership that has been in place for the last few years. There have been changes in how believers have been treated, including what organizations are being allowed to continue to function. Also, we personally know 2 families that have been working in India for many years that this year have not been allowed to stay. Please pray for protection for local workers and for the families affected by organizations not being allowed to continue their work. We have not felt any of those affects yet, except we suspect that this may be the reason for the school certification being held up.
One of the things we are excited about and John is working on during this trip is preparing the way for some critically needed training that we hope can begin in the next year for our workers. This training will help all the work that is going on now and has great potential to reach some new areas of need. Please pray for the crucial training that is needed to strengthen the people while we yet have the freedom to do it.
Your prayer makes a difference and we need you! Thank you, so much!
One more prayer request, for the AllNations House… as one of my student friends says, ‘I’m not gonna lie…’ we are tired! But it is a GREAT tired! We have been so busy with new international students coming and returning students getting settled in both in the AllNations House and in their dorms or other apartments. Classes just started this week so these past 2 weeks have been nonstop, but it has been so good!! :) Please pray for our ongoing Friday night meals and for our Welcome Party this Saturday (9/9). Please pray for each student to feel welcomed & loved and for relationships to form & deepen, and for more U.S. students to come alongside for the joy & fruit of those relationships.
If you would like more detailed requests for the AllNations House please let me know at allnationservices@gmail.com Thank you, again, so much for your prayer!
We are so thankful for each of you and so grateful that we are in this great work together! :)

Blessings! His joy,
The Nanda’s :)

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