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E-Pray October 2017

Dear e-pray friends,
We have a quick update for you this month. :)
We are so thankful that John made it home last week after being delayed in the airport for two days due to being required to have a transit visa to travel through the airport in London… This was news to him since he has traveled through London many times without a transit visa! Getting a transit visa takes 2 weeks! So, thankfully, he was able to get home through a different route, because otherwise he would have arrived home after our son, Jake’s, wedding! :) Please thank the Lord with us and pray for our family as we enjoy & celebrate Jake & Meg’s wedding this week!
Thank you for praying for John’s time in India! There is nothing new to report on the progress of the school as it remains on hold, waiting for a particular document to be sent from a particular officer… just please keep praying for the Lord’s clear leading on what next steps to take as we wait.
One of the opportunities that John had that he is so thankful for was his chance to meet with some leaders in an area that we will be working in closely. They had time to talk and pray together for the ways that we can serve and work together that will help the villages in the best ways.
The area that we are hoping to serve includes several villages. There has never before been an effort to bring them the good news we have to share with them. Please pray for the Lord’s wisdom in how to serve them best and to prepare their hearts to be receptive and moved in a meaningful way. The most powerful way to serve them and make a lasting difference in their lives is by prayer, so thank you for coming alongside us in this way, so we can work together in this amazing opportunity that the Lord is giving!
One more request is to be praying for the team that is preparing to go for our trip in January. Please pray for the Lord’s clear leading and for all of the details to fall into place, including good airline fares!
Also, thank you so much for praying for AllNations… we have had a wonderful beginning to the year, including our Welcome Party! We are averaging around 40 students for our Friday nights and many students coming around on all the other days, too! :) Please continue to pray for students to feel welcomed & loved, for opportunities to care for them, for deepening relationships, and for real Life change.
We are so thankful for all of you and we need you! We could not do what we do without you… Thankfully, the Lord has us in this together!

Blessings! His joy, Love,
The Nanda’s

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