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E-Pray – January 2023

Hello dear friends!
I am looking out the window as I type this note, feeling so grateful for our friend and neighbor who is snowblowing our driveway (for the 3rd time this week!). It is such a blessing to have such care shown, and it just reminded me again, of how very grateful we are for all of you, who have continued to partner with us over so many years! You have given of your time, energy, and resources, and you have prayed. As we so often say, we can only do this work the Lord has given with partners like you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I talked with John earlier this week and he said that in our area Covid cases are on the rise again and the authorities are deciding if they will shut down gatherings and limit travel. This is troubling news! We prayed and decided that we should wait on our plan of training for our Workers. This also means that I am waiting to buy my ticket to travel there until we see how it will all play out.
Thank you so much for your continued prayer!

Please pray for John’s time in India:
Training Time for the Workers
-wisdom for plans for the Workers’ training, in light of rising Covid cases
-wisdom for plans and timing for Terri to travel to India
Teacher Training School
-good meetings with government officials & wisdom for the many decisions to be made for the running of the vocational training programs, including teacher training
-a good agreement to be decided on between us and the young man’s team who is interested in running the training program
-the next bit of construction on the Training Center building so that it will be all set to go for the school
Opportunity to Help the Community in Odisha
-wisdom and the Lord’s leading as John walks through all the details with them and helps them make decisions about the shrimp-growing far

Prayer Requests for AllNations House:
AllNations Team
-praise for the students who attended our Christmas Party!
-continue prayer for students who live in ANHs:
the guy’s house – HS from Korea, SP, ST, & LI from Taiwan, & Luke, the house manager
the gal’s house – EG from Tanzania, NG from India
ZN from Malaysia, & BN from the U.S.
-possible house manager (MM) for the gal’s house!
-deepening of relationships and opportunities to share Love & Truth
-wisdom as we lead & for decisions that need to be made

We pray that each of you will have a safe, healthy, and happy New Year of 2023, that is fragrant with the HOPE, LOVE, & PEACE that we have knowing our Lord.

Blessings & much love, The Nanda’s :)

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