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E-pray – February2022

February 2022
Hello Friends,
Just a quick update because we don’t have much to report from India, because John is still not there yet! Yes, he is still around! Once again, we would like to ask for prayer for John to get a negative test result so that he can travel to India this week.
When he went to board his rescheduled flight after recovering from Covid they wouldn’t let him board without a negative test result. We had been told by the CDC, our doctor, and the British Air website that he only needed proof of vaccine and an official letter from the doctor that he had recovered from Covid, which he had both. When he went to check-in at the airport the agent explained that although it did say that on the BA website, they were actually sending people back to the U.S. if they arrived there without proof of a negative test, so she would not allow John to board.
We made another reservation for a new flight time the next week, and John was able to get a negative test result, but the night before his flight he heard from his friends in India that they were probably going to shut down our part of India… so we prayed and decided to wait once again. So hours before his flight John changed his reservations to a few weeks later, which is the flight he has coming up this next week. We are thankful because India did even shut down the trains so John would have been just sitting in Chennai in a hotel, not even able to get to our place.
We are trusting the Lord’s timing in all of this and it has actually been really nice to have John around for these extra weeks! Please pray for everything to work smoothly for John’s Covid test and flight this week and for patience for those in India waiting for his return.
Prayer requests for John’s trip:
– a safe & productive trip for John
– for continued protection from Covid for all our Workers
– productive meetings with the government official who makes the
decisions about our possible teacher training school
– wisdom for John & our Lead Workers as they make decisions how to
help with the needs of many of the Workers & their communities

Please also continue to pray for all at the AllNations House for:
– many opportunities to connect with the international students,
especially with new students who arrived for Spring semester
– more AllNations team leaders & members, students with
a heart to love & serve
– relationships to continue to grow deep & meaningful
– wisdom as we navigate the continued unknowns due to Covid

Thank you for your care and prayer for us and all those we love & serve in India and from all nations!! We are so grateful for you!!

His joy & blessings!
Much Love,
The Nanda’s :)

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