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E-Pray – November 2021

November 2021
Hello Friends!
Thank you so much for your prayer for John and his trip so far. The first few weeks felt like a very slow start, but his schedule is completely packed now until he returns home at the end of the month.
One of the reasons it has been such a challenge is that in the building where we live all the people on our side of the building moved out, so no one was paying the electric bill. After some time the electric company came and cut all the wires and even removed the meter, which means that John had to apply for a new meter and is still waiting for it all to be connected again.

Please pray for the electric company to get the connections made soon and for patience as John lives without electricity!

Please continue to pray for wisdom as John discerns how to provide and help with many dire needs & situations caused by shutdowns due to Covid, especially this week when he will be meeting with many of our Workers in their communities.

Please continue to pray for Moses, his family, and their whole community, as John meets with them this week, to visit, encourage, and help with the official transition to new leadership.

Please continue to pray for a productive meeting for John, Moshe & the families living at the training center at this time, for good communication & a good plan for smooth living between them.

Please continue to pray for protection as John travels and protection from any sickness as he visits with many different Workers in many different areas, and for protection from the evil one for our family and all the Work that the Lord has for us to do for His glory!

Please continue to pray for successful outcomes for many meetings John needs to have with various government offices for many situations that have been on hold for the past few years due to Covid.

Please continue to pray for all at the AllNations House.

We are ever grateful for all of you, for your care and prayer for us and all those we love & serve in India and from all nations!! Thank you, again!

His joy & blessings!
Much Love,
The Nanda’s :)

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