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E-Pray – October 2021

Dear Praying Friends,

John is heading to India soon!

Please pray for the Lord to go ahead and make all things ready so while John is there much can be accomplished!

Please pray for protection as John travels and protection from any sickness as he visits with many different Workers in many different areas.

Please pray for wisdom as John discerns how to provide and help with many dire needs & situations caused by shutdowns due to Covid.

Please continue to pray for Moses, his family, and their whole community, and that John will be able to visit, encourage, and help with the official transition to new leadership while he is there.

Please pray for a productive meeting for John, Moshe & the families living at the training center at this time, for good communication & a good plan for smooth living between them.

Please pray for successful outcomes for many meetings John needs to have with various government offices for many situations that have been on hold for the past few years due to Covid.

Please continue to pray for all at the AllNations House.

Also, we have been noticing that the stupid evil one has been really trying to discourage our work lately, so please pray for protection for our family and all the Work that the Lord has for us to do for His glory! We know we have the Greater One in us!

We are soooooo grateful for all of you!! Thank you, again, for your care and prayer for us. We absolutely could not continue without your partnership, since it is the Lord’s plan for us to share in this Work together!

His joy & blessings!

Much Love,

The Nanda

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