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E-Pray August 2021

Dear Praying Friends,

Thank you so much for continuing to pray for India and the covid struggles that are still going on. There continue to be shutdowns in various places and still many people struggling. Please continue to pray for relief and for the Lord’s protection, provision, and a real awareness of His presence in this long challenging time.

Thank you for praying for our Worker, Moses! He was very, very ill, but has been able to receive kidney dialysis so he is holding steady for now!

We thought we would share more of his story…

Around 20 years ago, when John started going to the tribal area to look for ways to reach the people, he visited a very large village that is a local pilgrimage place. He wanted to reach that village, so he began to talk with the people and inquire if there were any believers. It seemed there were none, until one person told him about a vegetable seller, named Moses, that seemed to be praying to the Lord.

John found him and heard his story, how he had heard about the Lord while selling vegetables in a nearby village and had become a believer. He was the only one from his family or village, and he was praying for his people to also come to know God. John met with him many times and clearly saw his heart and his desire and his prayer life, hours on his knees, interceding for his family and village.

Moses was willing to talk to anyone who would listen about the Life-giving way of the Lord. The Lord provided a very strategic place for a Community meeting building, right next to the main entrance of the village, which everyone must past by to enter. We saw the need of the village for clean water so one of the first things we did was to provide a large well for all the village to draw from.

The Lord has done many amazing things over the years. Many families have come to know Him, probably around 200 people now. Moses and his Community are a great testimony of the Lord to the entire village. Please praise the Lord with us for His faithfulness to Moses and the whole Community and village.

Please pray for Moses’ healing and that he would be sustained through the time of transition to new leadership for their Community. All of Moses’ family has come to the Lord except one daughter and her family, so please pray for this family to receive the gift that brings Life forever.

Thank you, again, for your care and prayer for us. We couldn’t continue without your partnership!

His joy & blessings!
Love, The Nanda’s :)

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