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E-Pray – July 2021

Dear Praying Friends,

Thank you so much for continuing to pray for India and the struggles that are still going on. Sometimes it is hard to remember since it seems like so much of life is more like ‘normal’ here in the U.S. The situation in India is still very challenging. We are so grateful that John is here, although, it is also difficult since we feel so helpless in being able to help the many that are suffering there. We just pray that the worst is over and that their lives will also be slowly getting back to ‘normal’.

Please continue to praise the Lord with us that that we still have not had any of our Workers die from Covid! We are so grateful! But please continue to pray for them as they all have had close family or friends suffer or die from the virus, so it is still a time of grieving for them.

Please also pray for our long-time Worker, Moshe, who has been battling sickness (not Covid) for many months now. Please also pray for his family and the whole Community as they prepare for his Homegoing and the adjustments that will follow, especially for wisdom in who will take over his leadership responsibilities.

We feel helpless in many ways being far away from our dear ones in India, but thankfully we are not completely helpless because we can still pray! Thank you for joining with us in lifting our dear ones to seek Him for their comfort and provision, and, lifting those who have no hope right now because they do not know the One Who is our Hope, that they would seek & find Him in the midst of this difficult time.

We are continuing to have bonfires for our Friday night gatherings at the AllNations House and have a few summer activities planned with the students who are around for the summer. Please continue to pray for meaningful relationships to grow deep, and for Truth to be shared and believed.

We are still waiting to hear the number of international students returning to UWRF this coming year. It seems that so far there are still not very many, but at least more than last year! We are making plans for loving and serving the ones who come. Please pray for more to join our AllNations team and for our leadership team as we meet and plan for what the Lord has planned for us this next school year.

We need wisdom for decisions in so many areas of life and Work, in India and with the AllNations House. Please pray as we seek His guidance for those decisions for His way and His most glory.

Thank you, again, for caring and praying for us and all that is going on in India and for the international students. We need you and are so grateful for all of you!

His joy & blessings!
Love, The Nanda’s :)

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