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E-Pray May 2021

Dear Praying Friends,
Thank you for all of your added concern and prayer for the extremely difficult time for India right now due to the latest wave of rising Covid cases. In some places, especially in the big, crowded cities, it is out of control and every medical facility is over capacity and having to turn people away. Many thousands of people are dying each day. We feel so sad for so many people in hopeless situations. Please pray for the stop of the spread, for provision of all the country needs including oxygen and vaccines, for care to be provided for families in need, for the love of the believers to show clearly the love of our Lord for the lost, and for many to come to Him.

Please praise the Lord with us that that we still have not had any of our Workers die from Covid! We are so grateful! But please continue to pray for them as they all have had close family or friends suffer or die from the virus, so it is still a time of grieving for them.

Also, in many of the villages where our Workers live and work, the people live by working each day for the food they need for the day. They do not have any extra. This year has been very difficult with the various shutdowns. This also means that some of our Workers, who depend on offerings from the Community villagers have also had a more difficult time. Please pray for these villagers and our Workers who have felt the impact of this situation, for creative solutions and provision from the Lord.

We want to thank you for praying for a good decision for which farmer to contract with to care for the mango and coconut trees on the grounds of the training center. Please praise the Lord with us that the farmer who got the job seems to be honest and hardworking so far!

The end of this crazy covid-times school year has come and we are thankful that we were able to have a small graduation open house outside at the AllNations House. Although the number of students was so much less our sadness to say ‘good-bye’ is still so great. I really don’t like this part of our job! This saying ‘good-bye’ part… Please pray as our dear friends head off into their lives, many of them back to their countries, that they will continue to connect with the friends and Family they have here, that there would be continued deepening of their understanding of Truth, and that they will be able to connect with strong Community and Family members in the next place that they go.

We will continue to have bonfires for our Friday night gatherings at the AllNations House to meet throughout the summer with the students who will be around. Please continue to pray for meaningful relationships to grow deep, and for Truth to be shared and believed.

Thank you, again, for caring and praying for us and all that is going on in India and for the international students. We need you and are so grateful for all of you!
His joy & blessings!
Love, The Nanda’s :)

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