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E-Pray August 2020

Hi friends!
We hope you have been having a great summer so far. It has been going so fast! School is going to be starting up again soon and John is already heading back to India next week! We have a few prayer requests for you. Thank you for praying!! :)
There was a new government elected in India this past Spring so we actually have some hope that we can now get the permission we need to start the teacher training program. Please pray for wisdom and favor as John meets with the officials about the teacher training school and whatever other programs for vocational training that may be available at this time.
The 3 clinics that were started this year are continuing and when John arrives he will be setting up and walking through everything with the new clinics’ manager. Please pray for the manager and his family as they move to a new community and handle this new responsibility. Also, please pray for the doctors’ interest in helping to continue and for many people to be helped and served.
One important project that John will be working on is replacing 2 roofs at the training center. They were damaged years ago in the cyclone and finally the temporary fix needed to be replaced with secures roofs. Last year the roofs were removed but there was a sand shortage so they could not continue the work. Please pray for all of the supplies to be available, good workers, good weather, and all else that it takes to get the work accomplished!
John always looks forward to meeting with our Workers in each area and bringing encouragement. Please pray for them as they meet together and strategize the best way to reach the people who have the most need, and especially need to hear our message of Hope.
We are excited to meet the 65 new international students that will be arriving in just a few weeks, along with welcoming back those who will be continuing their school programs at UWRF! There is already a waiting list for students who are wanting to be paired up with a family from the U.S. through the International Friendship Program (iFP) through the university. It is a low-key but highly impactful opportunity to be involved with amazing young adults from all over the world. If you are near the River Falls area, please consider being part of this Friendship Program! It truly impacts the students and your family, too! You can read more about it and sign up through the university website:


Please let me know if you have any questions! Please pray for our leadership team at the AllNations House and for wonderful, deep relationships to develop and grow with many international students this year.
We are so grateful to have you as partners with us in all we do through your prayer and care for us and the work in India and for the AllNations House. We truly could not do what we are doing without your partnership. Thank you so much! :)
We are so grateful for all of you!!

Many blessings, Love, The Nanda’s :)

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