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E-Pray July 2020

Dear praying friends,
Thank you, as always, for your prayer for us and all those we serve and love! Just a few updates for you to pray for this month…

~First, praise the Lord that the rice we had waiting to be given to those in need was able to be delivered to a place that our workers could go to and get what they needed for themselves and their struggling communities!

~John is still waiting for supplies to pour the cement slab (roof) on our Training Center building.
Although the supply truck that he was waiting for was able to get through last month (praise!), when he went to buy the sand, which is normally never a big deal, he couldn’t get it. The sellers were charging 10 times the normal price, so the government stepped in and made it a process to purchase sand, which included an inspection to prove that you really had a construction project that you needed it for. The paperwork is finished for that and we are in the waiting mode again. Please pray for all the needed supplies to be delivered and then a beautiful sunny day to lay the slab (it is the rainy season now!).

~The numbers of positive Covid have gone very high in India.
Our area of India is in a tight shut down again, although thankfully our Training Center is just enough outside of the city that they can still work on the site, but we are not sure if it will cause further delay of the delivery of the sand. We are so thankful that John has remained healthy and we have not heard of any of our Workers suffering from the virus so far! Please pray for the continued health of John and our Workers and their communities and those who are working on the Training Center project.

~At the AllNations House we are still waiting to hear who will come back for sure.
The university is holding classes but many of the international students are planning to take online classes or wait until next semester. Please pray for the international students in this uncertain time and wisdom for us in deciding who will live in the houses. Please also keep praying for more U.S. student team members to come along and love & serve the international students.

Thank you so much!! We are so grateful for you!
His joy, much love!
The Nanda’s :)

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