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E-Pray April 2020

Hello friends!
‘Thank you!’ to the so many of you who have been concerned for John and all those we love in India during these past crazy weeks! And, for the international students that we have been loving and serving this year. Circumstances have been changing so much until recently… Now it seems that what is is on hold for now… just praying now for Father’s love and truth to be known more than ever through all of this time. Thankfully, what we know to be true about Him and His promises never changes, no matter what, yay! :)
John is in India, thankfully staying with some family friends of ours, so he is not alone. He is in the same city as the training center so when things free up enough he may be able to continue the construction work that he had planned to do, even while the ‘lock down’ continues there. We are thankful that in the area that he is there are very few known cases of the virus and the ‘lockdown’ is so strict, including beatings if people break the rules, they hope that they will be spared of many people infected… we are praying so! In the meantime, please pray for the families of those who do daily labor, as they have nothing extra, and now they have not been able to work, so they have had no means to buy food, and they are suffering. John wants to help meet the needs of families such as these but is hindered by the ‘lockdown’ rules for now. Thanks for praying!
Thank you, also, for praying for the international students! Their situation was changing day by day for a few weeks, first with the extension of Spring Break, and the university asking for everyone to move out of the dorms if possible, which of course, the international students couldn’t really do. Then came the decision that all classes would resume online only and that they must move out of the dorms. The students had to make the decision to try and stay in the U.S. somehow because if they left they were not guaranteed a chance to return for next semester, and some only have one semester left to graduate. Or, to return home, taking the chance that their internet connection would work well enough that they would be able to finish this semester strong, and that they would be able to return next semester. There were a lot of phone calls home and meetings with trusted advisors here and most students have gone home now. We do have a handful still around. Please pray for the students who are still here, especially for those who have depended on university jobs for their basic living (their student visa does not allow them to work anywhere else, so this is difficult for them) that they would come to know the comfort, love and provision of our Father in this difficult time. Our AllNations community is trying to help as much as we can, especially just to be a ‘family’ for them so they do not feel like they are in this alone.
Please also pray for wisdom for us and our leadership teams here and in India as we all live and make decisions through these next few months. We will pray for you, too!
Thank you, once again, for caring and praying for us and the work of SERVE India and AllNations. We truly could not do what we do without you!

Many blessings! Much love, The Nanda’s :)

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