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E-Pray January 2020

Dear Ones,
We can’t thank you enough for your prayer and support for the Lord‘s work in India in 2019. God is working in India. God is working mightily. We are discipling new believers, training young men and women to be Workers and we are planning more new communities in unreached areas. God has enabled us to care for the orphans, widows, leprosy victims, blind community, and to alleviate suffering through medical care and humanitarian aid.

Right now, India stands at economic, social, and spiritual crossroads, and, there are so many yet to know the power and love of the Lord.

Please continue to pray against the persecution and as our state is just forming a new government (necessary since our state split into 2 states). As a newly divided state, there is a lot of confusion of where the capitol will be, which office, where… still unclear. I am anxious to approach the proper officials about our approvals, permissions. The last year and half we have had to deal with riots, strikes, vehicles being damaged by mobs, fires on the roadsides, civil unrests, government offices being closed, schools being shut down, … in the middle of all this we know that the Lord is still in control. By God’s grace the work is still continuing.

I thank God that even with much unrest and instability our Workers are still able to continue God’s calling in their lives, thanks to you and your prayers.

We thank God for the fruitfulness of their labor…

I thank God for the upcoming events planned in 2020.

Thanks for the team who is coming to serve and as well as the people who will welcome them into their communities and homes.

As this New Year begins, I wish and pray His presence will fill our homes and that the light of the Truth will shine in our communities.

On behalf of all of SERVE India we pray you have a blessed and joyful New Year! :)

With love in the Lord,
John and the Nanda’s :)

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