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E-Pray September – 2019

Hello friends!

John arrived in India with no problems, even though his flight took him through Hong Kong! He is grateful that the airport was quiet at the time he went through and says ‘Thank you for your prayer!’

One surprise for him when he arrived in India was to find that they are doing construction on the road that runs right in front of our house… he said that there was dust, inches thick, EVERYWHERE… ugh, poor guy! He did hire some help, but he still had to spend many more days than expected just to get the house cleaned up. Imagine cleaning inches of dust with no vacuum cleaner! He was so thankful when that job was done!

John was able to meet with our clinic manager and get things started with him. Please continue to pray for the new clinic manager and their family as they adjust to this new position.

Last Spring, if you remember, John traveled to Uganda to take part in a training program that we are hoping we may be able to bring to our area for our workers someday soon. While there he spent time with some Ugandan workers and they began to talk about a project that they may be able to work together on. Please pray as John travels to Uganda this month with another Indian friend to meet with the Ugandan workers and discuss if and what next steps should be taken. Thanks for praying! We always need to hear Father’s plan clearly on these ideas!

We are so grateful to have you as partners with us in all we do through your prayer and care for us and the work in India and for the AllNations House. We truly could not do what we are doing without your partnership. Thank you so much! :)

We are so grateful for all of you!!

Many blessings, Love,
The Nanda’s :)

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