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E-Pray June 2019

Dear prayerful partners,
We are so grateful for your prayer, love, and generous giving which helps us to help many in India and gives us opportunities to introduce new Life in the Lord to those we work with. Thank you!

God is accomplishing His purposes in various communities where SERVE India works. He has done so much through His humble servants, Workers and others who work tirelessly reaching their neighbors. We are so grateful for those who help and serve in the leprosy community care and in the home for the blind, and the home for the widows, and those who provide care for the orphans. They are all being helped with their daily needs of life and more importantly with their deep soul needs. Please continue to pray for the provision of all they need physically and spiritually, and that they can be a Light in each of their communities.

We had a great opportunity in my last trip to serve 3 different needy communities with medical clinics. A medical team from Milwaukee came and helped set up the clinics. Each space was cleaned and made ready with shelves, an examination room, and basic equipment and supplies. These clinics are much needed because many of the people in these areas can’t afford to get regular medical care or the medicines they need. We have been praying for years for this to happen and recently the Lord provided a way! The clinics operate 1-2 days each week at this time for a start. We have doctors that volunteer their time and we purchase the medicines to be given. Most people need basic help but if there is a need for further medical treatment then the doctors will refer them to the government hospital, and if necessary, we will help them with what they need. We are so happy that we are able to help the people in this way and this provision goes a long way to show the love of the Lord. Please praise the Lord for His provision and pray for many people to be helped and know the love of the Lord who provided for them.

Last month our country had their elections and now all of us are watching to see how the new government will set up their policies. The same prime minister was sworn in for a 2nd 5-year term. During his 1st term persecutions severely increased. Many organizations’ registrations were canceled, including big organizations like Compassion International. Many Workers are faithfully praying as they wait to see what the new round of political leadership will look like and how God is going to move in the midst of this situation. They feel encouraged knowing that, regardless of what happens, God is still the One in control. As I have talked with several of our Workers and other brothers and sisters, I heard again and again from them that they know that God is faithful, and that they are going to keep on doing what they believe God is calling them to do.

Please pray with us as we plan for the future in how to empower the believers with the tools and training they need to continue to push the Light against the spiritual darkness. Also, pray for the radical ones to have an encounter that shakes up their world view and brings them to the Truth.

Please pray for protection, wisdom and that the Lord would keep the door open for Workers to continue to serve in these uncertain times. Thank you!

We are still planning to have our SERVE India Appreciation Dinner this summer, so keep an eye open for that and we will let you know.

Thank you for praying as we welcomed our new little granddaughter, Madden Reign! All is well and her 2 brothers, Avi and Wells are the best big brothers!

We are always so grateful to the Lord for you all. Thank you for your partnership!
In His Service,
The Nanda’s

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