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E-Pray October 2019

Hello faithful prayer partners,
Thank you for upholding me in your prayers. I had a very fruitful trip and was able to accomplish most of the things I wanted to accomplish. I will give a brief update of the specific prayer requests we shared with you in our July epray.
We had successful outcomes in all of the situations from my meetings with leaders that needed my assistance in different areas, which was so encouraging to them and their communities. The situation of the new community that was recently established but was being forced out was also given favorable help from other leaders in the area that I was able to bring together, so they are free from that pressure now. I was able to sit with our tax accountant and thankfully we were able to complete all of the tax filing requirements by the deadline. Also, all of the confusion of the correct tax assessment for our rice field was also cleared up. I was able to meet with all of the necessary people and offices to accomplish all of the administrative work that was pending. There was progress made with the ongoing court case which allows it to continue forward now. I had the time I needed to meet with my staff and make plans for all that is coming up, which includes the women’s conference in January.
The one thing that we were not able to make progress on was the construction on the training center because of the amount of rain that fell during that time. We would ask for your continued prayer for the work on the training center.
One more request that we asked of you was for the meeting place in one village and we wanted to share the message that our worker sent last week:

Today we are having a celebration of thanks for the victory we have had in our village. Years ago the Lord provided us with the property to build His House, a strong building. It sits near the main entrance of the village and because of this continues to attract new people so our Family is growing. Some local leaders thought that it would be a good place to put their building so tension about this has been going on for some time.
Thank the Lord for your prayers that saved our building!
Now after all of the meetings and examinations of the documents, the village council stood with us! They suggested that we put up a boundary wall. What a joy it was to have members of our Family come forward to give what we needed to be able to build a secure wall.
We thank the Lord for this and are grateful for all of His people, our Family, for coming along side of us with prayer!
We want to thank you for coming along side of us with prayer! We are so
grateful for you!!
His joy, Much love, The Nanda’s :)

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