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E-Pray June 2017

Hello our praying friends!

Thank you so much for your prayer for us and all that is going on with SERVE India and the AllNations House. We feel so grateful for the way that the Lord has designed for us to work together to accomplish His great purposes. We are in this work together and get to share in the joys of it together, too!
Hopefully, soon we will be able to share some of the stories of the joy with you face to face at our SERVE India Appreciation Dinner because John is going to be home soon! :)
We still need to pray that he will get his travel documents with no problem… it shouldn’t be a problem, but, we just never know!
Also, please continue to pray that the work for the teacher training school may be finished before he leaves… he is coming either way, but if it is finished then he can stay for a longer time. All of this could get so discouraging, but, thankfully, we can just trust that the Lord does have His reasons for all of the timing of everything. His plans have ALWAYS worked better than ours!! :)
Thanks so much for praying for all of us students to be able to the end the semester well (so thankful the semester is done)! Also for praying for the last days that we were able to spend with the international students who have finished their time here in the U.S. We had some very special times with them, that only prayer could have produced. Thank you!
Please keep praying for all of the students who are back home now, in different environments, some positive and some negative toward knowing Truth. Please also pray that they will find others who are like minded so they may continue to learn and grow.
We do have some wonderful stories to share and we are looking for a date for the SI Appreciation Dinner that all of the team can be there to share, so we will let you know as soon as we know… it will probably be a little later in July. We are also looking forward to visiting those of you who we do not get to see as much! We will let you know as we make our travel plans.
We hope you have had a good start to the summer and that we will get to see you soon!!

Blessings!! Much love,
The Nanda’s :)

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