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E-Pray March 2017

Dear e-pray friends,
We are so thankful for your prayer! Thank you for praying for our trip! We had a great trip with a great team! We did all that we had hoped to do and even more with some unexpected opportunities. We traveled with NO vehicle troubles… which is amazing! even with a very close call which took off & shattered our van’s side mirror, but didn’t affect anything else. All of the team was basically healthy, with only a few rumbly tummies, and a few head colds, but nothing that kept us from our activities each day, except for one nursing student who did have to miss one day. Every day we were able to love and serve dear ones, either brothers and sisters, or those yet in darkness, and only because the Lord gave the opportunities and enabled us, and because of your prayer! Thank you!! :)

Please continue to pray for all of those we came in contact with over this past month, that they would know Father’s love by our love, that they would receive the Truth they heard, especially those who heard it for the first time, and for those who received His Word and are reading it for the first time. Pray as they read His Word, for the power of it, living and active, and for the Spirit to bring understanding of the True God and draw them to Him.

Please also pray as plans are being made for reaching a few new areas that have not been reached before, woohoo! Also, please pray as we make plans for a Women’s Conference for next year, so exciting!

There are lots of stories to share, so I have included some from the team, and will share more over the next few months. It is always nice to let you hear from their perspectives! :)

Please continue to pray for John as he is still working on the process of the teacher training school work. It has been held up in that same office for a few months now, but they were scheduled to have a meeting with the officer in charge so hopefully we can give a good update after I hear from John!

Please continue to pray for the AllNations House. This week I have already met 6 new students that just arrived from India! We are starting regular Friday Night Dinners this month. We still have opportunities for you to be involved if you feel the Lord nudging you! :) Please let me know if you are interested in helping to provide the meals, tutor, mentor, provide funds, and/or pray for specific names of students. We hope to have an Open House at the AllNations House in the next month. We will let you know!

Thank you, again, for your prayer & care! We feel so blessed to be in this work together with you all!
His joy, Love,
The Nanda’s :)

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