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E-Pray December 2016

Hi Everyone!
Our dear praying friends… How can it be December already?!

Yay! the shipment is finally released and delivered! It took quite a process but please thank the Lord that it is finished now!

We are still waiting for the paperwork for the teacher training school to clear through the regional office… so please keep praying for this.

We are very excited for the teams that will be coming to India at the end of this month through the middle of January! Please pray for the team from Milwaukee including nurse practitioner students, and the team from Hudson, now as they prepare, not only getting packed, but emotionally, & especially spiritually. We will be sending out a specific prayer guide in the next few weeks. Please also pray for John & the Pastors as they prepare for the team’s arrival and schedule.

The work with the international students at UWRF has been very exciting…

Our hope & prayer has been for more opportunities to connect and grow in closer relationships with the students, and to help and serve them in whatever ways we can. There is a small team of us who have been arranging events about 1 time/month, which have been really great, but one of the difficulties has been finding a place near campus to meet. Also, we would like to have more regular opportunities than our monthly events for relationships to grow!

SO, what we are excited about is that we are opening up a house 1 block from campus, that will be called ‘AllNations House’ and it will be a place that all the Nations can gather, hangout, share meals together, and where we can have our events! It will be rented to international students with 1 U.S. student, called a House Manager, who will be a resource for them almost like an RA. The area where their bedrooms are will be off limits but the rest of house will be an open community space for any students to use, to study, have a snack, hang out with friends, and hopefully feel loved.

Another hope we have is that through this community AllNations House we will have a way to connect with more students to help with needs they may have. There are things that come up for them and they don’t have any family here to help. They may need a ride to/from the airport or to the grocery store, or help getting some things they need when they move off campus, like a bed or something to cook with, or someone to go with them if they need to go to the doctor, or help proofreading their papers written in English, or many other various needs that may come up.

Please pray for these students and the team for how loving the students not only changes their lives and, in most cases, goes back with them to their homes all over the world and changes people there! but also how it changes our lives, too!

Please be praying for AllNations Services International and for our AllNations House, that is what we need most of all! And would you please pray about coming alongside in any way the Lord would direct you! I have listed below some opportunities of ways that we need and would love your help, if the Lord directs. :)

Please let us know and send a reply to this email if you are interested in helping/being involved in any way or just have more questions. Thank you for praying for our AllNations ministry!

And, thank you, again, for praying for us and all that the Lord is doing through SERVE India. We are so grateful for you!! We pray for you & your family to have a Very Blessed & Merry Christmas!! Glory to God in the Highest! :)
His joy, Love,
The Nanda’s :)

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