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E-Pray November 2016

Dear friends,
We are always so grateful for you and your prayer and encouragement! Thank you for holding us up and keeping all of the ministries of SERVE India before the Lord. We always need your help in that very important way, so thank you! :)

John has continued to be busy with the same adventures of releasing the shipment through customs and doing what he can to help move the paperwork through for the teacher training school, along with meeting with the Pastors when he can and working on a few other office type responsibilities. I am always amazed by his patience! But, he has been feeling the load of all of this more lately, maybe just weariness. Please pray for John to feel refreshed in his perseverance! And for the customs to release the shipment with minimal cost and for the school documents to be processed through the regional office soon.
Thank you!

When John is finished with the shipment then he will be able to travel to meet with the Pastors in all of their areas and they will be finalizing the plans for when the team comes this January. We are excited about their coming and all that will be done through them and in them. Please pray for the team members, for the preparation of their hearts, and for all of the details to be worked out, for the Lord’s best plan!

One more prayer request for me as I continue with my class at UWRF and the involvement with the international students. I am so grateful for the opportunity to meet and grow to love so many dear ones from countries all around the world… It is so fun! :) (loving the students that is, not the homework so much!) Please pray as we are establishing a more ‘official’ way of loving and serving the international students, for the details of how it will work, for a solid core team and for many, many others to come alongside to help. I hope to send out more details about this sometime soon, and ways that you also may have the opportunity to be so blessed by these amazing students! :)

Thank you, again, for praying for us and all that the Lord is doing. We are so grateful for you!
Hope you have a wonderful, Happy Thanksgiving!
His joy, Love,
The Nanda’s :)

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