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E-Pray August 2016

Dear e-pray friends,
Thank you all for praying for us! Thank you for praying for the final teacher training school paperwork to be hand submitted on time… It was, yay! But, the official said we were still missing a few items, one being a ‘No Objection to Build’ document, which we don’t have because the building is already built! So, we have to find the document that was given at the time the building was built, which was almost 20 years ago… The previous owners do not think they have it any more and the office where it was produced does not have digital records from that time, so they would have to search for it among MANY boxes of old, old files… So, please continue to pray for us to figure out a solution to this. Thank the Lord that the official has had favor on us and is giving us time to get it figured out. John will be returning to India about a month earlier than we had planned so he can deal with this. He will be leaving next week!
Last week we were very busy getting a shipping container packed up and sent off for John to receive when it arrives in India. We are SO thankful for the help we had filling and packing it up! We were able to put a motor boat in there… Yes, a motor boat! (Loading it in was quite an amazing feat!) We are so excited that now one of our Pastors who has an outreach to an island village will have the ability to visit much more often and also visit several other islands where there are opportunities to help and serve the people who are isolated there. Please praise the Lord that we were able to get that container packed up and sent off and please pray as John will have to clear it through customs sometime in September.
We also wanted to say thank you for praying for the Together 2016 event that happened in DC! Please praise the Lord because it was an amazing experience and God was surely honored and His name glorified! We are so thankful we could be there with our whole family, including my mom & sister, too! Please pray for the connection we made with a Hindu family who ‘just happened’ to be visiting the Washington Monument the day of the event and we found out that they live only a few houses away from us in India!!! What are the chances?? Only with God!! :) :) So, hopefully we can have a good relationship with them there… :)
Please continue to pray for our boys’ lives, for them to hear His leading in their many decisions…
-David & Jamie (in Hopkins, MN) just celebrated their 1st year anniversary and are doing GREAT! (Thank You, Lord!)
-Jake & Meg, & our perfect little grandson, Avi (in Bismarck, ND) are also doing well (Again, thank You, Lord!)
-Josh (in CA), Jake (in ND), & Danny(in WI) will be in school this Fall and our main prayer is that they will get connected with some strong fellowship so they may grow in their faith, and, of course, that they will have great success in school and relationships.
I, also, will be starting up TESOL graduate classes again at UWRF and remain very involved with international students, which I love! There are 15 students from India right now and another 35 scheduled to come in January! Please pray for wisdom in how to move forward with the international student ministry! :)
One more prayer request is to please pray for us to finish up all that needs to be done for John’s return to India.
As always, we are so, so thankful for you!

Much love & blessings, His joy, The Nanda’s :)

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