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E-Pray January 2016

HI Everyone!

Thank you so much for praying for us! Blessing! :)

Prayer Guide: SERVE India Missions Trip 2016
December 31, 2015 thru January 16, 2016
Team Members:
Terri John N Sharon
David Courtney Danny
Brad Rick Josh
Jean Cassidy Lawrence
Joanne Seth John D
Meredith Mackenzie Jamie
Anders Levi Tim

Trip Mission:
To glorify our Lord by encouraging and serving John Nanda and whom he ministers, by:
Encouraging the Indian believers.
Praying with those who request it of us.
Sharing our testimonies of God’s grace.

General Prayer Requests:

For spiritual protection.
To remain healthy, positive, and flexible.
That our visit will bless John and the people there.

For long-term success: spiritually and economically for the people.
That the Lord will be near to our families in our absence.
That the Kingdom will continue to expand in spite of Satan’s persecution of the believers there.
Devotions: Understanding what God is doing in us and around us.

Thursday December 31 thru Saturday January 2

Safe Travel for Team: Minneapolis to Atlanta to Dubai to Hyderabad to Visakhapatnam.
Baggage arrival and clearance of customs.
Adjustment of our bodies to the time change (11 ½ hour difference), food, water, and heat.
Blessings on visit to local churches.

Sunday January 3

Blessings on worship at PM Palem, Pastor Titus’ church.
Blessings on SSNagar Medical Camp.

Monday January 4

Blessings on visit to P Colony.
Blessing on showing of J Film with Pastor Satyam.

Tuesday January 5

Blessing on medical camp at M village.
Blessing on visit to villages at K and D.

Wednesday January 6

Blessing on travel to V Colony.
Blessing on school visit.
Bless evening visit to leper colony and showing of J Film.

Thursday January 7

Blessing for safe travel to V city.
Blessing on clothing purchases for widows and lepers.
Safe travel to S town.
Blessing on meeting Jeeva Jalam Leprosy Village.

Friday January 8

Blessing on visit with Ramana School children and staff.
Blessing on tribal pastor meeting.
Blessing on visit to handicapped center.

Saturday January 9

Blessing on safe travel by train to K town.

Sunday January 10

Blessings on worship with Pastor V Paul’s church.
Prayer for safe travel to Hope Island.
Blessing on visit with the residents of Hope Island.

Monday January 11

Blessings on K town Pastor’s meeting.
Safe travel to R village.
Blessings travel to Training Center.

Tuesday January 12

Blessing on church dedications.
Blessing on start of discipleship/Pastors conference.

Wednesday January 13 and Thursday January 14

Blessings young adult discipleship conference.
Blessing on Pastors’ conference.
Safe travel back to Visakhapatnam after the conference.

Friday January 15 and Saturday January 16

Safe travel for team back from Visakhapatnam to Hyderabad to Dubai to Amsterdam to Minneapolis.
Positive re-entry home and quick physical recovery.
Greater understanding of God’s presence in the world.

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