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E-Pray December 2015

Hello dear epray friends!
First, thank-you, thank-you for your prayer for our RESOLVE Conference last month… It went really well! We know that the depth of learning and meaning that went on in the students and in our team was because of all the prayer! Our team worked hard and gave a lot, we feel so thankful for that, and we are so thankful for all that you gave, too! Please continue to pray for the students, that the Lord would continue to encourage the resolve they made in their hearts that weekend to live fully for the Lord instead of for themselves and that they would continue to grow as true disciples and go to neighbors and nations to make disciples as the Lord leads. Let that be our prayer for ourselves, too! :)
We are not done yet! We have another RESOLVE Conference coming up very soon IN INDIA!! We need your prayer for that, too!! This conference will be a bit different, not only because of the setting, but we are very excited to be able to bring this to the young adults in India where they don’t have much opportunity to hear such teaching and encouragement.
The Pastors’ Conference will be happening in one area of the Training Center and the RESOLVE Conference for the young adults they bring from their churches will be happening in another area at the same time. We will all join together for the evening sessions. It is going to be such a great opportunity for growth in the Pastors’ churches and for our whole community of believers!!! Please pray for all of the preparation for John as he coordinates it all, that he will find enough good translators, and for no complications in printing up the resource information we want to provide for every participant (we are estimating 500!).
Please also pray for the team as we are preparing for our trip! We will send out our usual prayer guide next month so you may pray along with us for each day. Some of our family will be there by Christmas and then the rest of the team will be coming by the 1st of January, it is coming up very soon!!!
Christmas! We have SERVE India calendars available again this year! Please let me know if you would want one or many that you can give as Christmas gifts… And also, another great idea for a Christmas gift is to give Kwik Trip gift cards… We also have these available and we can get them in different value amounts, whatever will work best for you (remember SERVE India gets a % of whatever you spend at no additional cost to you). We will have them available at FCC this Sunday, or you can email Jean K (jeanjk613@yahoo.com) to make arrangements to get them.
We are so grateful for all of you! Thank you, again, for praying for all… We need you! We pray for you to have a most blessed Christmas season and that you will have a special time to reflect anew on the greatest Gift given from unfathomable love. Glory to God in the Highest!!! Merry Christmas!! :)
His joy, Love, The Nanda’s :)

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