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E-Pray August 2015

Dear e-pray friends,
First, thank you for praying for David & Jamie’s wedding! It went wonderfully and we feel so grateful for the Lord’s blessing on them and our families! Please come to help celebrate with us at the reception we are having for them on Sunday, August 16th (more info below). We would love to have you ALL join us! :)
Please continue to pray for the team as we are in this time of preparation, thinking through and preparing our materials and presentations for the Young Adult Discipleship Conference. Please pray we will be able to prepare comprehensive materials that will cover the basics of discipleship but that will not be complicated so that it can be translated and understood by a wide range of people. We hope to have a resource printed up in Telugu that will be helpful to them as they go back to their villages feeling more equipped to share with others and filled with a new excitement to KNOW God, GROW in their relationship, and GO in His name to love and serve for His glory!
Also, we are very excited that we will have the opportunity to share this material with the youth of the St. Croix Valley through a conference we will be presenting this Fall. Very exciting!!! But, again, please, we need your prayer! :) Thank you!!!
We want to ask you again to please continue to pray for the Lord’s clear leading & provision for many decisions that we are thinking about including a vocational computer training program, the teacher training school and possibly sending a shipment of supplies needed, and for our team’s travel schedule & airfare (really costly at this time!).
The VBS children from our Hudson community blessed us SO much last week by generously giving their offerings toward our Wheels for Workers project. We shared with them about our small team of workers who travel around to our Pastors’ villages with all the equipment needed to show the film of the story of Jesus’ life. They usually have to carry all of this on bicycles or sometimes a motorcycle, and sometimes just by foot into the various villages. We would love to purchase a used vehicle for them to be able to get to places more easily and save them time to be able to get to more places. There are always many requests from the Pastors for them to come to villages that have not seen it before, and some villages who have never even heard about Jesus before. THANK YOU!, VBS children & families!!! :)
We always have so much to be thankful for and we are so very grateful to the Lord for the ways He is working and that we have a chance to join in! You are also in this with us and we are very grateful for you, for your care and prayer for us and all in SERVE India! Thank you!! :)

Blessings!! Much love, The Nanda’s :)

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