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E-Pray September 2015

Dear e-pray friends,
Thank you so much for all of your prayer for us this busy summer! Now the boys are all heading out in the various directions of their lives and we would love to ask for prayer for them, and us!, as they go! Please pray for the Lord’s direction and provision for them in each opportunity and challenge He is bringing them through, and especially for Him to be more real & honored in every aspect of their lives. Also, in case we have not had a chance to tell you in person, our first grandchild is expected in just about a month from now… WOW, another little joy added to our life! Jake’s girlfriend, Meg, is due 10/7! Thank you so much for praying!
Please also pray for all of the details & provision for the shipment we will be sending the 1st weekend of October! We would love to let you know of some things we would like to collect to send over. If you have any of the following for us please call or email us and we can make arrangements to get it. Thank you! :)

Needed for sending in the shipment:
-men’s size S-L, gently used, long-sleeved, white, button-up shirts
(other colors would be fine, too, but the Pastors especially like white)
-any type of laptop computers that are in good working order
(we are required to have a number of them for the teacher training school)
-gently used video projectors or projection screens for playing the Jesus Film
-any size, color, or type of gently used towels
-any size, or type of gently used wheelchairs, walkers, or wagons
(for our handicapped or elderly friends and church members)
-any sized, gently used suitcases

One more very important prayer request we have for you is concerning our tax-exempt status in India. The new party that was elected last year has been making it very difficult for organizations like SERVE India to keep their status in India. Please pray that we will be able to get all the papers filed correctly and that we will have the Lord’s favor to continue with no complications.

We are so thankful for all of you! :) Blessings!!
Much love,
The Nanda’s :)

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