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E-Pray July 2015

Dear e-pray friends,
First, thanks to all of you who were able to come to our SERVE India Appreciation Dinner! We felt very humbled and blessed, and so very grateful to have a chance to share with you our pictures and the great stories of what the Lord is doing in India!

We were also thankful to have a chance to introduce you to the team that is preparing for next year’s trip. There are A LOT of us! :) Some of us are the old regulars and then a whole new bunch of young adults! We are very excited about what the Lord has in mind for us, and, we really need your prayer even now…

Please pray for the team in this time of preparation for the Young Adult Discipleship Conference we will put on during the time of one of our Pastors’ Conferences. Our hope is that we will be able to bring most of our 200 Pastors to one place and that they will bring the young adults from their churches to join us. All the young adults, from the U.S. and from India, will join together in sharing, learning, and challenging each other in what it really means to be a disciple of the Lord and how to then ‘Go, … and make disciples…’ (Matthew 28:19-20) who will then make more disciples who will then make more disciples, who will then make more disciples, and so on until the Lord comes back!! :)

We are thinking through and preparing our materials and presentations now and it is no easy task! Please pray we will be able to prepare comprehensive materials that will cover the basics of discipleship but that will not be complicated so that it can be translated and understood by a wide range of people. We hope to have a resource printed up in Telugu that will be helpful to them as they go back to their villages feeling more equipped and filled with a new excitement to KNOW God, GROW in their relationship, and GO in His name to love and serve for His glory!

Very exciting!!!! But, again, please we need your prayer! :) Also, if you have any good resource or materials you have found helpful in your own discipleship/disciple-making, we would love to hear about it, please let us know!

Please also continue to pray for the Lord’s clear leading in many decisions that we are thinking about including the teacher training school and possibly sending a shipment of supplies needed, our team’s travel schedule, and a vocational computer training program.

We have so much to be thankful for and we are so very grateful to the Lord for the ways He is working and that we have a chance to join in! You are also in this with us and we are very grateful for you, for your care and prayer for us and all in SERVE India! Thank you!! :)

One more thing… Please pray with us as we prepare for our son David’s wedding! It is less than 4 weeks away!! We are very excited!
Much love,
The Nanda’s :)

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