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E-Pray November 2015

Dear concerned prayer partners in Christ,

I was trying to get this letter to you sooner but because of the lack of power it was delayed.

During the 2nd week of October 2014 a massive destruction has befallen on Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh state in south India.

Saturday, October 11th, started with very serious rain all day and night and by Sunday night the weather turned into a very serious Cyclone named Hudhud. The Cyclone rose from the Bay of Bengal with a 25 miles radius from its eye and travelled at 220 miles per hour speed giving rise to waves as high as 16 to 18 feet high. The focal point was the coastal city of Visakhapatnam.

Just the day before I returned to Visakhapatnam from my ministry trip of visiting some Pastors in the tribal area. I have never seen with my eyes such a horrible Cyclone. I felt its strength and our three storied apartment building shook like it was an earthquake. Our apartment windows glass broke and winds and rain entered in the house. Part of the ceiling collapsed in two bedrooms. Water filled the house. I was praying that God would spare me and my neighbors. It is only by God’s grace I am alive. Thanks be to God!!

I rushed to check on our five established churches in the city. Three of the church buildings along the coastal area were badly damaged; one church building’s roof was blown away. Pastor Titus’s church up on the hill remained firm while other houses were down. They are using the building as shelter for people. It has become a testimony of God in the community!!

Now we are grappling with the aftermath of this massive Cyclone. The current situation is dire. Hundreds and thousands of people are still suffering for food and water. Condition of fisherman, weavers and farmers is unimaginably difficult. It is estimated that 248,000 slum dwellers houses were destroyed, 300,000 trees, 40,000 electric poles and 325 cell towers were downed. In the fishing industry 12,000 families were rendered jobless. Many small vendors and auto rickshaw drivers too lost their livelihoods. The death toll over all rose to 52 in the districts of Vizianagaram, Srikakulam, and Visakhapatnam. Roads in these 3 districts are disrupted and disconnected by flood waters making travel difficult.

Thousands of people are leaving the city because they have lost everything in life to find life elsewhere. We have started to give food, water and milk packets to some shelters.

I am asking you to stand with us in prayer and support in this difficult time for our people. People need food, clothes, blankets, cooking pots and utensils, medicine and help to rebuild their homes.

I asked our churches here for people to come out to help clear the streets and comfort and pray for those who are in need as “Faith works”. This is a time of opportunity to reflect Christ love to many non-Christians. The people have to rebuild and revive agriculture and their livelihoods. It will surely take some time to recuperate from this great loss. I believe it can be done if everybody does their part. Our Government is doing whatever they can do. However, with the state divided they are facing a huge revenue deficit. This Cyclone has become a massive burden on the government, with many needs not able to be met, so we need much help in prayer and contribution. Please prayerfully consider if you would like to be a part to help. Thank you for praying!

In His work,
John Nanda
SERVE India Ministries

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