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E-Pray: January 2012

Hello dear e-pray friends,

        I dropped John off at the airport bright and early Sunday morning, so he is in India now, off and going busy, busy, busy!  We are so grateful for having wonderful time together and especially being together through the holidays.  It was different not to have Josh with us, but we are so thankful for at least getting to hang out with him for an hour or so through SKYPE on Christmas Eve! :)  

        There are lots of things we want to ask you to pray about with us…

        One of the first things that John will do while he is back is meet together with farmers from the villages that are next to the land that SERVE India has near the ocean.  The plan for this land was to eventually put up some structures to be able to host retreats and youth camps there. Recently we heard that the Indian Navy was looking to occupy this area, which means that although they would give some compensation, it would be far less than what the market value is.  So, the farmers have been meeting with the senator that represents that area to try and get a deal that is more fair. There is a bill waiting in their Congress that would require the government to update their standards for compensation.  Please pray that the bill would pass and that we would receive just what the Lord has for us regarding that land.

        John will also be very busy trying to move forward with renovations that need to be done at the Training Center.  It includes building rooms and spaces that are required so that it will pass the inspection for final acceptance into the government accredited teacher training program we are hoping for.  We are so excited about all the opportunity that this program would bring in many different areas of serving and loving the people of India.  Please pray for wisdom for John and for good workers with integrity to be able to get it all finished well.

        Last year, at the end of March, SERVE India helped with a large conference in a new area for us.  A small team will be going back there again this Spring for 2 weeks and we are so excited to be able to bring encouragement and teaching to the believers, children, and Pastors there again.  This year we will also be hosting several medical camps in that area, as well as with the rest of our Pastors in our other areas of ministry.  Please pray as John is preparing for this in India and as we are preparing here as a team, and for a good price on airline tickets!  We will share more details as it get closer. 

        Finally, would you please continue to pray diligently with us, for all of the people involved in the ministries of SERVE India, for God’s protection, provision, and blessings, all and only for HIS GLORY.  Please pray for the Pastors, their families and congregations, for the widows, for the children in the children’s homes, for the communities where they are suffering with the affects of leprosy, and for all those who need to hear the life-saving and life-giving message of Jesus’ love for them.

        We are so very grateful for you and your faithful prayer and love for us! We couldn’t do this as we do without you.  We hope you will have a very Blessed Year of 2012!

 His joy and blessings,
Love, The Nanda’s  :)

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