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E-pray: November 2011

Hello e-pray friends!

    I am attending a big missions conference right now and feeling so grateful! It is so encouraging to hear of all the amazing things that God is doing all over the world! It is also great to be with so many others who are passionately seeking the Lord in how He will lead them to love others who have never had a chance to hear the freeing, saving message of the Gospel. The stories we are hearing are like what we see in India, lives changed and whole communities transformed by the LIFE found in following Jesus. It is true right where we are here in the U.S., too! I hope that it is also happening in your life! That you are able to share in the joy of what He is doing in peoples lives around you, and in you. One way you may celebrate is with us, as you partner with us in what the Lord is doing in India. We can only do what we do because you are in it with us. That is just how the Lord made it to work. We are so grateful! Thank the Lord for His provision that we can share in the work and share in the joys together! :)

    One of those joys we can share in together is in the situation of one of our SERVE India Pastors. There were false allegations brought against him by some people who simply wanted him stopped from doing the Christian work he has been doing in that area for years. The police came to take him into the police station but thankfully John was able to talk with them on the phone and convince them to wait until he could get there. They agreed and so John went and spent many days there helping get the Pastor’s name cleared. Please thank the Lord for this and pray for the people of that village, including the police officers who spent time with them and heard of the many ways that God is at work in that area. :)

    John has been continuing his work on accomplishing all that is required for the teacher training accredited program. The next step in the process is finishing all of the renovations that need to be done to the training center so that it will match all the qualifications required for the program. They have recently made a provision for an extension of the inspection deadline, so thankfully, we do not have to finish it all by March, which would have been very difficult. What this means is that we will not be able to open the school until the next school year. It seems like this will be better for us since it will take the pressure off and allow us to think thoroughly through everything instead of just rushing through. Also this allows John to come back to the U.S., and in time for Thanksgiving! Yay! :) Please pray that all that needs to be accomplished before John leaves will be done!  

    Please also continue to pray for Josh (and his Mom). :)  If you want to receive the updates that he is sending out please let him know at nanda.joshjm@gmail.com

    We just want to tell you again of how very grateful we are for you! We need every bit of what you give through your prayer and care for us, and we never take it for granted. We are just so grateful for your obedience to what the Lord leads, and, we are so happy to have you share along with us in all the joy of lives changed for eternity! Yay!! Thank You, Lord! :)

His blessings, Much love,
The Nanda’s :)

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