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E-pray: July 2011

Hello dear epray friends!

I am sipping my Indian coffee this morning, sitting in our hotel and so grateful that they have internet services so I can send this to you!  We have been having a wonderful time with our team from the U.S. here.  The time has been going too fast!  They have adjusted so well to so much!  Thank you for praying! :)

Yesterday we visited a school that was built 100 years ago by missionaries that were here then.  I always feel so much admiration for them and so grateful just thinking of the sacrifices they made then, and the ground they laid with their lives and prayer and love for the Indian people. They didn’t have any internet then, or hotels, or A/C, or even electricity for lights or fans!  I am especially grateful for the impact they made in reaching John’s father with the Gospel, for that is why we are here now!  It also encourages me to pray that the little boys and girls that we love here and bring the Truth to will someday have their own great impact in reaching others!  It will be such a wonderful time in Heaven when we can see just how the Lord has been working His way through all the years with all these precious people.  What a blessing!  :)

We will be going to 2 schools today, a government elementary school, and then a nursing school.  It has been so much fun visiting the schools!  The students have been so excited to have us there! We have been able to sing for them and teach them a song, do some skits, tell them stories and in some places play games with them and make bracelets that have the Gospel story. Some of the children and teachers are Christians but most of them are not, and in fact, most have never heard the Gospel before. Please pray with us that their hearts will be ready to hear, understand and receive the Truth.

Thank you so much for your part with us here! We are counting on your prayer and so grateful! Please continue to pray for our safety in travel and for our health (a few team members have had a few days of flu-like symptoms, but right now all are well, yay!), and for our hearts to be open for all that the Lord has for us.  Thanks again for praying!!  :)

His peace and blessings,

Love, The Nanda’s :)

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