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E-pray: June 2011

Hello dear e-pray friends!

Our family is getting so excited for our trip to India for the summer!!  We will be leaving in less than 1 week now and our house is piled with all that we are in the process of packing! 

We feel so thankful that we are able to go and we are so excited that during our time there we will have our young adult missions team join us for 2 weeks in July!

We have many prayer requests for you and always want to remind you of how much we need you to be praying.  We are in this together and we are depending on you and so grateful for you! 

Please pray for all that we need to accomplish before we go will be done and with joy. :)  Please pray for protection in our travel (our flying time in the air is about 18 hours and then our train time is 16 hours, plus layovers!), and for us to get through easily with all of our luggage.

Please pray for our safety (travel on India’s roads & in India’s traffic) and health as we adjust to the time change (11½ hours), food, and HEAT (average 90O+). Also, please pray as we adjust to a new place to live (we lived in our previous house for 11 years so this will be new for the boys) finding our way around, meeting new neighbors and having them adjust to us, too! 

Please pray as we spend time with our friends there and as we meet new people that they will know the Lord better because of our time together. And, most importantly, please pray for each one of us that our relationship with the Lord would grow deeper and for the Lord to use us mightily for His purposes!

We feel so excited about the opportunities we will have to love and serve the people in India, especially when the team comes.  We have the opportunity to visit several Hindu schools and we are free to share our stories with them so please pray for the Lord to work through each skit, song, and testimony to reveal His truth and the great love He has for them.

        We will also have the opportunity to visit and spend time with several of our village churches.  We will be sharing with them a very basic, but powerful, way to read/study the Bible in hopes to encourage each believer to know God better and more deeply by spending time alone with Him in His word.  We are also hoping to have the opportunity to share this with many university students as we meet them in different settings.  We are so excited about this!  Please pray as we share in studying His Word together.  :)

        Please also pray as we spend time with the children in the Children’s Home, the widows who we care for, and the people who are suffering from leprosy, that they would feel the love and value that the Lord has for them through our loving and valuing them. 

One of the team members is putting together a prayer sheet with more specific prayer requests that we will send out for next month’s e-pray.  We are so grateful for your partnership with us and so excited to share in the joy with you of all that the Lord is doing and will be doing during our time in India this summer!

Blessings to you!  

His great love, The Nanda’s  :)

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