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E-pray: December 2010

Hello praying friends,

I am happy to be sending our e-pray out to you right now because I wanted to ask you to be especially praying for John right now and through the next few days.  The shipping office called and wanted him to go there and meet with them so he is on his way.  They did not say if they had made any decisions or what they wanted him there for, so we won’t know until he meets with them.  Please pray that the officer in charge will freely release the food and that there will be no more issues with the storage facility either.  Please also pray for the Lord’s clear guidance in whatever decisions John will have to make concerning everything.  Thank you so much for praying!!!   We still trust the Lord will accomplish His purposes through all of this!   :)

I was so encouraged talking with John about all of the good that is going on there, especially with the churches in the tribal areas really growing.  It is so exciting that there were about 100 new believers that were baptized in a big celebration just this week! The Light continues to shine, no matter how dark it may be all around.  It is so encouraging!  Please pray for all of these new believers to be well grounded in the Word and to continue to grow in their faith, despite any persecution they may face.  

My friend, while praying with me today, said that Orissa belongs to God, and yes, it does!  It doesn’t matter if there are still violent attitudes against the Christians there, love always wins!  That is why there are a few men, young Pastors, going forward with their plan to move into a few different villages in Orissa. They want to begin to love the people there and help the community in any way they can.  They want to shine the Light in that darkness.  That’s so awesome!  Please pray with us for those Pastors and their families as they make their plans, for the Lord’s way to be very clear to them and for His protection.  Please also pray for the hearts of the villagers to be softened and made ready to see and understand and receive the Light, to be freed from the darkness.

Thank you again, as always, for your prayer and care for us.  We are so happy to have you right alongside of us, sharing in all that we get to be part of in this work that the Lord is doing. What joy!  :)

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas season this year, full of family and friends.  We pray that you will be able to spend some precious time together reflecting on the great gift given in our Lord Jesus’ coming. Glory to God in the Highest!  

Many blessings to you!
Love, The Nanda’s

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