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E-pray: November 2010

Dear friends,

We are always so grateful for all of you!

I am happy to give you a few updates that I heard from John this week. He was finally able to go to the shipping office once it opened again after more than a week-long holiday.  The officer that he has to work with had changed again, this time the officer is a woman.  John said she was very nice, and seemed very positive toward the situation.  She was even wondering why the shipment had not been released yet! She said that the food needs to be tested to make sure that it is still good to eat, and then she doesn’t see any reason why she wouldn’t release it…  So, please keep praying!  We are feeling cautiously optimistic.  It will once again then have to be released from the storage area, so please pray that there will not be anything to hold it up.  Thanks for praying about this!

John was able to get all the workers busy again, working on the various construction projects around the different areas of the ministry.  Please pray that much progress is accomplished on every construction project. Also, please pray for a quick solution to finding and fixing the leak in the house that we now use as our base and office in Visak.  It has been raining more than usual and John woke up to water up past his ankle!

There are a couple of things that John is really looking forward to and he asked for prayer for, too.  He still wants to make a visit to our friend in Bangladesh, who has a very large and growing ministry. He hopes to observe and learn and hopefully bring back some more ideas of self supporting businesses to help our churches and their communities.  He also hopes to be of help to our friend, sharing his experience of training for our Pastors, as he is now looking for ways to do this best in his ministry.  Please pray for John to be able to make the connection and that the timing for his trip to Bangladesh would be perfect.

John was most excited to share that the Pastors in our tribal area were really happy to invite him to come soon to their area because they wanted him to share in the celebration as they have nearly 100 people who are wanting to be baptized!  Also, there are about 25 more men who would like to become a part of SERVE India.  They are men who are working as Pastors but who have had no formal training and have very little encouragement or fellowship.  They have vibrant ministries and would love to have the training, encouragement and support of SERVE India. It is so exciting to see the work of the Lord continuing to grow with open hearts to hear and dedicated hearts to serve! Praise the Lord for the changed lives and the work He is doing in this remote area where so many have never before  heard about Jesus!

Thank you, again, for all that you all do for us, especially for your prayer.  We could not do what we do without you!

Many blessings to you, All for Him!

Love, The Nanda’s :)

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