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E-pray: October 2010

Hello e-pray friends!

We are so grateful for you all and your prayer and care for us and every time that I begin to write our e-pray I am overwhelmed with gratefulness thinking of you!  We feel so thankful and so blessed for so many dear ones in our lives. /Thank You, Lord!/  :)

John has been back in India for about a week now, landing with his feet running…  (his usual)  :)     We would really love to have you all praying with us for all that he will be doing this trip.

The shipment is first on his list, but, with the admonishment of everyone, he will only give some initial time to this to see if there is any movement at all possible.  If not, then the plan for now is that he will give a ‘certificate of abandonment’, which means a few different things could happen.  One is that they will put it in a clearing auction and we may be able to buy it then, or, if not, John will use the money just to buy rice to give for the refugee camp.  Please pray for wisdom, discernment, continued patience, and the Lord’s provision for His purposes to be accomplished.  Also, please keep praying for the refugees who are still living in the camps along the Orissa border.

John will be traveling around to visit churches in several different villages and he will take part in the 3-day Pastors’ Meetings, which is always an encouraging time, meeting with the Pastors, hearing their stories, working through their struggles, praying together.  Those men, who have sacrificed so much and have such joy, always inspire and encourage.  It is really a privilege to work alongside of them.  Please keep praying for the Pastors and their families and congregations, especially for those who live in very difficult situations because of their faith.

Another bit of traveling that John is hoping to do is a visit up to Bangladesh, where we have a friend involved with local Pastors there.  John is hoping to spend some time with him seeing and learning about some of the self-supporting ideas that they are using.  Please pray for this opportunity to work out, despite the flooding that has been going on in Bangladesh, and that John would learn much and be an encouragement.

Many of the construction projects that are in progress tend to stop while John is not there, so now that he is back he will be very busy trying to get as much done on those as possible.  These include some church buildings and an addition added on at the training center to be available for women to stay.  Please pray for good project managers and good workers, and much progress to be made while John is there.

Thank you, again, so much for praying for all of these things and also please continue to pray for the work serving and loving the children, widows, and people who are affected by leprosy.  Please pray that their needs will be met and that they will continue to understand more and more the great love our Father has for us.

Blessings to you all!

His peace & joy,

Love, The Nanda’s

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