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E-pray: September 2010

Dear e-pray friends,

We have been so happy to have John home with us this summer!  He will still be here for another month.  Please pray that all that we want to have finished up before he goes will get done.  We have some opportunities for speaking and some important meetings this month.  Please pray for these, for God’s blessing and outcomes that will honor Him in every way. Thank you so much for your prayer!

I thought that this month I would give you an update on what is going on with our boys since many of you have asked…   It is amazing how the time has gone by so fast, it is even still surprising to me to say that we have 2 boys in college and 2 boys in high school.  (We are getting old!)  J

Josh will be starting his 2nd year at UW- La Crosse.  His major is Psychology and he is still thinking through some options of what he will do with this.  He likes it there and this year has moved into an apartment with 4 other guys.  I asked all our boys for one prayer request to pass along to you and Josh said, ‘Please pray for a good community of people to be part of.’

David will be starting his 1st year at UW-Stout, which is in Menominee, WI.  His major is Multimedia/Graphic Design.  He is excited to get started!  We will be bringing him there tomorrow (*sniff*…  but, yay!,  we are so excited for him…).  For his prayer request he said,’ Please pray for all the stuff you pray for when kids go off to college.’

Jake will be a junior in high school this year.  He is taking the usual academic schedule and involved with music stuff.  He was in the musical last year and will be trying out next week for this year’s musical.  He helps with the middle school youth group of our church on Wed. nights and also plays guitar and sings for a Vesper service every Sunday night put on totally by high school kids.  His prayer request is, ‘Please pray for my spiritual life to keep going strong this year, even if it gets difficult.’

Daniel will be in his first year of high school this year.  He is also in choir and will be trying out for the musical as well.  Although, he does not want the musical to conflict with his football schedule which is a higher priority right now.   His prayer request is, ‘Please pray that I will start reading my Bible again like I used to.’

Please pray for our college boys that they will have great opportunities to connect with friends who have deep commitments to the Lord, and for opportunities to be involved with great campus ministry groups and a good church.

We so appreciate your prayer, for the ministry and our family, it is such a necessity for us! We feel that it is a great privilege.  Thank you so much!

We would really love to see you at our SERVE India Appreciation Dinner and Presentation.  It is coming up in only about 1 week! John will be giving a little update and you will get to see some pictures and hear some stories from the trip our team took last winter.  Also, we will be talking a little about the team that is going to be coming to India next summer when our family will be there.  It is all exciting!  Oh, yes, and you can enjoy some yummy India food!  Please come if you can. :)   Hope to see you there!  Thanks, again, for your prayer!

Blessings to you,

Love, The Nanda’s

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