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E-pray: June 2010

Hello everyone,

First, before we forget, we want to invite you to join us in celebrating David’s graduation!  The open house will be Saturday, June 19th, 3-6pm, at our house, and, yes, John will be home for it! :)

He is not home yet, though, so we still have a few more days of praying for the food to be released…  He will be meeting with a man this week who will be deciding if it needs to go through yet another health check.  The color of the powdered substance in the food packets has changed, which is probably from the humidity, but they are reluctant to release it without checking, which would take at least some weeks.

Please pray that if it is something that needs to be checked that they would require another health check, but if it is only a change in appearance and it is still perfectly good, that it would get released! so that when John comes the process will be all finished and he won’t have to go back  until the Fall.

We can praise the Lord that the non-food part of the shipment (clothes, furniture for the training center, bikes for the kids, etc., etc.) was released and is safe and sound at the training center now! We are so grateful for this much at least!  :)

Thank you so much for praying for us and for all of the ways that you have cared for us these past months!!  It is a wonderful thing to be right in the midst of how the Lord made us to work best, all of us using the gifts He’s given to accomplish His purposes for our good and His glory. I am so glad we belong to Him!  And we are so grateful for all of you!!

Please continue to pray for all of the ministries of SERVE India as they continue to love and serve the people of India.  Please also continue to pray for the Lord to provide just the right people to help in the leadership in India, along with our Pastors.

We hope to see you if you are able to join us for David’s graduation open house, or maybe sometime this summer we will have a chance as we hope to make some visits to you whom we haven’t seen for a long time!

We will send out an email when we know anything more.  Thanks for praying!

His peace and joy,
Love, The Nanda’s :)

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