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E-pray: July 2010

Dear Prayer Partners,

I’m happy to be home again with my beloved family. My recent trip to India was the longest and most difficult trip I have taken, dealing with the release of the food shipment and with the death of my mother.  I am very thankful for the many prayers that held me up and sustained my family. Thank you so much for your prayer.

Please keep praying as the process of getting the food still continues. We are praying for what the Lord wants and trust that His timing and purpose is being accomplished, one of them being growing our patience!

As you know the main purpose of our SERVE India ministry is to share the good news of Jesus Christ to those who have not heard. With that intention we continue to share the love of God in many ways to the unreached people in India. We partner with our many native Pastors who have proven to be effective in reaching Hindus in the rural villages without many cultural, social, political, or language barriers. They are making a difference for eternity in many lives. Thank you for praying and supporting these Pastors in India.

One of our SERVE India lead Pastors Kumar Paul recently reported about the growth of the Gospel in 20 villages where we have distributed the MegaVoice tool.  This is a MP3 device loaded with Telugu Bible lessons, which they have been broadcasting for the past 2 years. All 20 villages have heard Scripture taught from Genesis to Revelation. Many new converts have started to come to the churches now.  Pastor Kumar Paul is making plans to launch a follow up discipleship training program for all new believers. “Please pray,” he writes, “that the Lord will use us to start new churches in nearby villages that have no church. Thank God for using this device, audio Bible teacher, to preach to the unreached in the district.”

Some of our Pastors have recently received new bicycles and are praising God because it helps them to bring the Good News of Christ to more villages than they could ever have reached on foot. Many of our Pastors are laboring daily to reach the unreached Hindu villages in remote parts of the state where public transportation is limited. We are privileged to partner in their efforts.

Two years after the attacks on the Christians in Orissa, the killings and burnings have left physical and emotional scars on the surviving believers that they will bear for a long time. They need our prayer for the Lord’s healing.  While there are still hundreds of refugees in camps along the Orissa border, the group that was staying at our Pastors Training Center have been able to at least move back to their area.  Here is what their Pastor said, “Now we are back here and we still feel the hostility and hatred toward us.  We are in prayer a lot. We are specifically praying for the salvation of some individuals who caused the destruction of everything we have. If they can only know that the God we love also loves them. We believe God will work in their hearts in the coming days.  Please pray for the 30 families that are trying to rebuild their homes and churches for their communities.

We hope that many of you will be able to join us for our India Dinner and Presentation coming up in September.  We are so grateful for your partnership and really enjoy spending that time with you.

Thank you for praying for us and making it possible for us to do the Lord’s work in India.

In His service,
John Nanda

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