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E-pray: March 2010

Dear praying friends,

Please continue to be earnest, unwearied and steadfast in your prayer for the release of the shipment of food packets! John is there at the customs office right now continuing to pursue whatever they are requiring of us. Please continue to pray for the Lord’s favor, guidance, and perseverance in getting this accomplished. Even if it means we will need to send the food somewhere else (the Lord might have that plan), please pray that we can get it taken care of soon. They have released the non-food items that we sent which we are grateful for, but now they are charging a ridiculous amount of money for the ‘past storage’ of it, so we need to continue to pray about this, too.

We know that the Lord has His perfect plan for all of this so we just keep standing with all of you and praying for His glory in it all. :)

John wanted me to let you know how much he appreciated all of your care and prayer for him and our family in the Homegoing of his mother. They had a grand celebration of her life in India, with hundreds and hundreds of people who she had touched in her life. What a beautiful thought of her now with her Lord and so many of her loved ones! What glory!
We always love to share stories of our trips to India with you and especially when you can hear it from one of the team members. Here is what one of them shared in an email to her friends…

“Hello All,

Three years ago, on a whim, I went on my first mission trip to India through the ministry SERVE India. That experience remains as one of the most powerful and awesome of my life. When I felt led to return to India this year I was anxious of how this time in India would relate to my previous; it turned out that it wasn’t an issue of comparison, each of my India experiences were so distinct.

While I feel my previous trip was used to show me how sovereign God is, and how He is the God of details, I feel this trip God was trying to impress upon me the hurt of India, and that He is the only way to comfort. There is hurt everywhere in the world, but because the hurt of India seems so basic, it was that much more burdensome, and made me feel very inadequate.

Our last night in India we visited a home for widows. In the Hindu religion when a woman becomes a widow she is considered cursed and becomes an outcast of society. This home takes in widows, feeds and clothes them, and offers them the comfort of communal living rather than solitary excommunication. Each of these ancient, itty bitty women, whom could probably fit in my pocket, were so excited for our team to be in their home. They scrambled to shake our hands and made sure we all had chairs while they lowered their broken bodies to the floor. There was one woman who could not join us in the common room because of a broken leg and I was able to go back and visit her in her shared bedroom. When I entered her room her face literally crumbled into sobs as she quickly cleared a place for me to sit on her bed, speaking to me in rapid Telugu. All I could do was hug her, pray over her, and then eventually leave her.

That tiny, broken woman bothered me a lot. I questioned what I was actually doing in India, and what help I was bringing any of these people. I wondered where God was and how he could let His people hurt. And then I remembered Job, and God telling him that HE is God, and Job is not. I am only human. I cannot heal the hurt of the world. But I can be obedient and trust in what I know is the truth. I can keep the greatest commandment of love and I can support those ministries I know are doing Gods will. I can be the person God made me to be who loves travel and missions and nursing.

And it is promised God will bind up the broken hearted. That He cries when you cry and that if you believe Christ died for you sins you will one day be without hurt. And that’s more than enough.”

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