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E-pray: January 2010

Hello dear friends,

Hope your start to this New Year has been great so far! It is already going fast! :)

I was hoping to send this after I heard from John again, but I haven’t heard yet this week how it is going. He is still in India… the shipment is not yet released and he needs to stay there until it is and the food and other stuff is secured at the training center.

The latest hold up is that the customs office decided that, after all, they want to test the food packets. That was the text that I received from John last week that one of the packets was sent to their labs for testing. I have no idea how long that will take!

So, we are thinking that he will just stay there because there is really not enough time for him to come home and go back again before the team will be arriving there…

Please just keep praying for the container’s release and that it will all arrive to the training center safe and sound!

One nice thing about John still being in India is that all of the Pastors are happy! :) Please continue to pray as they make plans for the best ways the team may serve them and the needs of their churches. Please also continue to pray for the team’s preparation and for all of the details to be worked out.

Next month we will send a prayer guide for the trip but here are the names of the team that you can be praying for… Rick, Brad, Jean, Joan, Susan, Cassidy, Marie, Paul & Jolee, and John & I, and hopefully Zack and Shariff. We are so very thankful for your prayer. It is so necessary!

One more prayer request we have that John asked for a few weeks ago is for a man named Jari. He works in the shipping office so John has had A LOT of time to talk with him. He has been genuinely questioning his faith and asking John all sorts of questions… If this alone is the reason for the delay, then it is worth it, right?! Yes!!!!!!! Thank You, Lord! :)

Thank you so much for your care and prayer for our family and all that the Lord is doing through SERVE India. We are so grateful for all of you! I will send out an update whenever I know anything more.

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