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E-pray: December 2009

Hello e-pray friends,

We are planning to send out our Prayer Letter soon, but just wanted to send out this quick note to you for now so you can be praying about a few things. We are so grateful for your prayer!

John was scheduled to return from India today, but he is still working on getting the shipping container released from customs, which he must do before he can come home. It arrived in India back at the beginning of November and he has been working on it ever since! It is not too much of a surprise that it is not done yet, as that is how it goes there with most anything, but we were really hoping for it to be done sooner.

So, we want you to keep praying for the container’s release to be soon! Also, then it will be loaded onto trucks and transported to the training center. Please pray that all of that will go smoothly and it will all arrive there safe and sound. John will have several of our SERVE India people ride along with the truckers as more of an insurance that it will all get there.

John will be returning to India in January to be ready for the team from the U.S. to arrive in early February. (I am so happy that I will get to be part of the team this year! J) Please be praying as he makes plans with the Pastors for the best ways the team may serve them and the needs of their churches. One of the things the team will get to be a part of is getting the food packets to the refugees in the refugee camps along the border of our state and Orissa. Please pray for the team’s preparation and for all the details to be worked out easily.

Thank you so much for your care and prayer for all that the Lord is doing through SERVE India. Thank you, also, for all of your care and prayer for our family! We could not do our part without you! We are so grateful for all of you and we feel so loved and blessed! Thank You, Lord!

We hope you are all having a chance to take a little time and really remember the awesome significance of this Christmas season. We pray for your Christmas time to be filled with the people you love and the deep joy of the knowing the good tidings of great joy which shall be for all people! Glory to God in the Highest!

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