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E-pray: July 2009

Dear friends,

We hope you are enjoying your summer so far. We are really enjoying having our family together! We are keeping busy though and the summer seems to be flying by already! We were talking about how busy life gets here and how easy it is to get distracted by so many things. We were talking about how we never want to be so focused on our lives here that we take for granted all the work that is being done by the native Pastors who are dedicated to witness Christ among Hindu villages. They toil daily in the fields and God uses them to impact so many lives. We don’t ever want to forget to be praying for them as we are here busy in such a different world.

We are happy to be reminded sometimes by remembering their stories and we wanted to share this story with you, too. As John was reading through the admission applications that came in for taking classes at our training center, he read the testimony of Raja Rao and his wife, Ramabai, who want to take some Bible classes.

They wrote that both of them were devout Hindus and lived their lives worshipping many idols. They were also suffering with many problems in life, like illness, unemployment and poverty. Raja Rao had attempted suicide several times but each time he attempted he failed. One day they both decided that things were too hopeless and the best way to end their misery was to commit suicide together. They planned to feed their children a meal with poison and then eat the meal themselves. Before Ramabai could serve the meal that day she heard an audible voice say, “Don’t do it.” She heeded the voice and threw the food out into the field. When Raja Rao realized what she had done he ran over to her and started beating her.

Pastor Yashaya, one of our SERVE India Pastors, was in the village at that time to share the Gospel. He heard the disturbance and rushed to the aid of this family. He talked with them and helped them to know and understand God’s desire for their lives, His love for them and His plans for them. As Pastor Yashaya prayed and shared they both surrendered their lives to Jesus!

Soon after they were baptized and Raja Rao changed his Hindu name to Mark and Ramabai changed hers to Martha. God has healed this family and brought joy into their lives through Christ. Now Mark says he hopes to bring this message of hope to the people living without hope, because they have not ever even heard of Jesus, the only One Who brings hope.

It was so good that Pastor Yashaya was there in their village at the right time, by God’s prompting, and this family was saved. Thank You, Lord! Please pray for Mark and Martha and their family as they continue to grow in their faith and are led by the Lord in their lives.

Please also remember to pray for all of the Pastors as they face many opportunities and challenges and joys as they share Christ each day.

Thank you for also continuing to pray for the widows, people in the Leprosy Colonies, the children in the Children’s Home, and the
refugees from Orissa.

Although it sometimes feels like we are so far removed from them, we can still be close and love them by our prayer. What a blessing for us! Thanks, again, for praying!

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