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05 December 2012 ~ Comments Off

E-Pray: December 2012

Hello dear friends,
John sent a note this month… He is still working on finishing up the land sale in India and will hopefully be home in a few weeks, in time for Christmas! Please keep praying for all to go through smoothly and completely, and be finished soon! He … [read more]

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05 November 2012 ~ Comments Off

E-Pray: November 2012

Hello dear friends!

It was so good to hear from John yesterday. He is doing well and asked us to keep praying for the sale of the land. The process is moving slowly, step by step, but moving forward, so please keep praying for all to go smoothly and for … [read more]

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11 October 2012 ~ Comments Off

E-Pray: October 2012

Dear E-pray friends,
Greetings! These autumn days are SO beautiful around here! I hope you all are having a chance to enjoy them before the real cold comes! :)

I talked to John this week and there are not many updates except for the work on the land. It is always … [read more]

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12 September 2012 ~ Comments Off

E-Pray: September 2012

Hello everyone!!

I must say that this month has been racing by, many Fall start-ups, and we have been slowly adjusting to our new ‘normal’ around the house. I really just forgot to get this month’s epray sent out!! So, here it is… :)

It was really wonderful to have all … [read more]

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08 August 2012 ~ Comments Off

E-Pray: August 2012

Dear praying partners,

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am glad to send this epray and share with you about the Youth Celebrations the SERVE India Pastors conducted in various villages this summer.

The hope of these Youth Celebrations was to bring glory to Christ. ‘He … [read more]

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16 July 2012 ~ Comments Off

E-Pray: July 2012

Dear e-pray friends,

We were so grateful to see all of you who were at our SERVE India Dinner a few weeks ago. Thank you for coming! J We will be heading down to Milwaukee for a Missions Conference this weekend so we hope to see many of you friends … [read more]

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12 June 2012 ~ Comments Off

E-Pray: June 2012

Dear e-pray friends,

We hope you are having a wonderful summer so far. We are really enjoying having John home and we have been keeping busy, as usual!! We want to remind you that you are all invited to
Jake’s Graduation Open House,
Sat, June 23rd, 1-4pm, at our house… [read more]

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09 May 2012 ~ Comments Off

E-Pray: May 2012

Dear Praying Friends,

          We are so happy to have John home with us now and this summer all the boys will be home, too! What a blessing! :)     Of course our schedule is already filling up! Two dates we would like you to note because you are all invited are Jake’s [read more]

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11 April 2012 ~ Comments Off

E-Pray: April 2012

Hello dear e-pray friends!

          It hardly seems possible that we have been to India and already back for nearly a week! Thank you all so much for praying for us! We had a very good trip and we know that without your prayer it wouldn’t have been the same! :)

          We … [read more]

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12 March 2012 ~ Comments Off

E-Pray: March 2012

Thank you, everyone, it is imperative that we have your prayer!  Thank you so much for your part with us! We are so grateful for you and so excited to see what the Lord will do in this time of service in Him!    
Much love, His joy, The Nanda’s :)


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